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  • News Yamauchi Family Looking To Redevelop The Area Around Original Nintendo HQ

    Though it might take a while

    Nintendo's founding Yamauchi Family still seemingly has a great deal of fondness for the video game company. In a significant move, it has acquired around 3000 square metres of land in Kyoto, specifically surrounding Nintendo's original headquarters in the city's Shimogyo Ward. The headquarters itself has already been...

  • Gallery Here Are Some Gorgeous Images From Inside Nintendo's Old Headquarters

    Before it's reborn as a hotel

    Back in early 2020 it was announced that Nintendo's iconic previous headquarters in Kyoto would be converted into a hotel. Owned now by the Yamauchi family, it's the HQ from the period of Nintendo's extensive growth in selling playing cards, and was also its home as it started to explore moves into children's toys and...

  • News Nintendo's Old HQ Is Being Turned Into A Hotel

    Complete with a bar gym and spa!

    One of the most famous buildings in Nintendo's long history is to be converted into a hotel, it has been confirmed. The ‘Kabuyama Project’ will turn the ‘Yamauchi Nintendo’ headquarters – a Kyoto building which has become something of a mecca for Nintendo fans visiting Japan – into a 20-room hotel...