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    Review The Jackbox Party Pack 2

    The second party has started

    Hot on the heels of The Jackbox Party Pack (actually released after the third instalment on Switch), is the second package in the (so far) trilogy on Nintendo Switch. In a similar set up to the other entries in the series there are five party games on offer in The Jackbox Party Pack 2; here is a breakdown of the games on...

  • News The Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2 Hit the Switch on 17th August

    Twice the fun

    Early on in the Switch's life we had The Jackbox Party Pack 3, a collection of quirky multiplayer games in which players can jump in and use their phones to play. It was well executed on Switch, adding another party game to the system's line-up. A little while ago Jackbox Games confirmed that the Switch would catch up with...

  • News The Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2 Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

    For you digital collectors out there

    Back in April The Jackbox Party Pack 3 was released on the Nintendo Switch, bringing its unique blend of minigames and phone-based controls to multiplayer on the system. We certainly recommended it as a good way to have a bit of fun with friends. Though Jackbox Games is currently working on the fourth...