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  • News Catch Up With an Apple Super Mario Run Event Featuring Shigeru Miyamoto

    If you have iTunes, that is

    Whether it's a mutual desire to benefit each other or whether a formal timed exclusivity deal was agreed, what's clear is that Apple has been keen to heavily promote Super Mario Run. Over the past month or so the app has enjoyed the benefit of tweets from the App Store's official account, strong placement on the store...

  • News Hey, You Got Your Rhythm Heaven In My iTunes!

    Quirky visualizer makes your trippy music even more so.

    Music and visualizers go together like caramel and apples, chocolate and peanut butter, and apple sauce and chocolate chip cookies (don't knock it till you try it!). iTunes users have been blessed with a series of excellent ones built right in, and now you can add another one to your arsenal of things to space out to: Rhythm Heaven! Over at..