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  • Feature The Best Nintendo Moments Of 2020

    A few shining lights in a gloomy year

    There's no getting around the fact that 2020 has been really quite pants on several fronts. Not a nice, fresh pair of the finest undergarments occupying your dresser drawer, either — quite the opposite, in fact (we'll spare you the metaphorical details, but you get the idea). It's during the darkest times,...

  • Feature The Best Hidden Gems And Overlooked Switch Games Of 2020

    Great games that might have passed you by

    Another year, another huge pile of excellent new vidya games sitting on Switch eShop. If you managed to play everything that caught your eye this year, we're deeply envious! With so many great games, it was once again hard to keep up, even when many people found themselves with some unexpected free time in...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Alternative Game Awards 2020

    Best Switch Icon, Most Long-Winded Title, Best Late Arrival and more!

    It's GOTY time, people! Yes, as 2020 draws to a close, the internet is flooded with customary lists touting the best whatever of the year (with Hades rightfully being at the top of most of them). We've had our say — and so have you — but today we're going to have some

  • Feature Best Nintendo Switch Ports Of 2020

    The 10 most remarkable ports to come to Switch this year

    For nearly four years now, we'd estimate there's one question more than any other that developers and PR people of the world's cutting edge video games have heard and perhaps come to dread: "Is it coming to Switch?". Those responsible for delivering the latest and greatest video games must be...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Switch Game Of The Year 2020

    NL's staff picks for the Nintendo Switch GOTY 2020

    As 2020 draws to a close (finally!) and the fresh-faced 2021 peeks at us from over the horizon, it's time to look back at the best Switch games to release over the past 360-odd days. In what ended up being an extremely tough year for many people, there were positives to be found — at least in the...

  • Reminder What's The Best Switch Game Of 2020? It's Time To Rate Your Favourites

    Switch GOTY 2020 incoming!

    Update: Thanks to everyone who has participated so far! We'll be publishing the full top 50 tomorrow, but there's still time to rate your favourite games of 2020 beforehand. We've tinkered around behind the scenes and the not-very-shortlist below now only includes 2020 games we've reviewed on Nintendo Life. If you want to...