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    Review FreezeME

    A blast from the past

    FreezeMe is an outstanding blast from the past. It borrows so many ideas from Super Mario 64 that the resemblance is almost uncanny, but ultimately there's enough new content here to constitute its own quality experience. The game isn't as polished as it could be, but FreezeMe provides an enjoyable romp through the format of an...

  • Interview Learning More About FreezeME, a Surprising 3D Platformer for Wii U

    "I think FreezeME is a perfect fit for the Wii U"

    The coming week is already confirmed to include some highly promising download content, and one that's certainly caught our eye is FreezeME. Heading to North America on 4th February at a launch price of $9.99 - then $13.99 after its first week - it looks a cut above the usual 3D platformers that are...

  • News FreezeME Has Been Approved for a Wii U Release by Nintendo of America

    Bringing back the N64 platformer

    On the Nintendo 64, games such as Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong 64 redefined what could be done with the platforming genre with another dimension tossed in. But now, it seems like the good old days of the adventure-style 3D platformers have all but gone away, with very few notable releases in recent...