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  • News Fishing Game From Wii Generation Resurfaces On The Nintendo Switch

    Includes a fishing rod peripheral

    Fishing continues to be a fun pastime in video games, so how about an entire game about it? The 2009 Wii release Bass Pro Shops: The Strike looks to be swimming across to the Switch according to recent listings on GameStop and Amazon Germany. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike - Championship Edition comes bundled...

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    Review Hooked on Bass Fishing

    Clear and shallow waters

    Fishing has never promised to be a thrill-a-minute sport; there is no LeBron James of fishing, as well there shouldn’t be. There are those who take fishing as a very serious and technical endeavour, certainly, but others take a more laid-back approach: just get out there, fiddle with things and see what you can nab! Hooked...