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  • News Disney Interactive Sees Big Financial Boost in Q4

    Disney Infinity is keeping this steamboat chugging

    Disney Interactive has been a financially struggling arm of the Walt Disney Company, but its investment in Disney Infinity is showing a significant payout as more game consumers are putting their money where the mouse is. According to Disney's latest earnings report, Disney Interact

  • News Capcom Confirms 37.3% Drop in Profits in Second Quarter of 2013

    Lack of new releases sees profits tumble

    Capcom has confirmed its profits took a big hit in the second quarter of 2013, largely down to the low amount of new releases. The company recorded net sales of 17.4 billion yen for the three months to 30th June ($178.7 million/ £117.5 million/ €134.2 million), down 6.2 percent compared to the second...

  • News SEGA Reveals Jump in Profits in Q2 Results

    Boxed sales witness a slowdown, while digital performs well

    SEGA has released its financial results for the second quarter of 2013, revealing a massive 408 percent leap in profits. The company recorded a 12.9 billion yen ($131.8 million/ £87 million/ €99.4 million ) profit between 1st April and 30th June, compared to the 2.5 billion yen ($25.8...

  • News GungHo Online Entertainment's Market Cap Surpasses Nintendo's

    Puzzle & Dragons owner sees a huge rise in its share price

    The mobile gaming market is certainly on the rise as more and more people start to adopt devices such as tablets and smartphones. No longer do you need to have a dedicated gaming console to enjoy games as you can now find them within various app stores. Naturally, the quality may not...

  • News Nintendo Stock Rises By 11%

    The largest increase since 2008

    The Japanese yen has reached a three-year low against the euro meaning many successful exporters are enjoying a rise in stock. Nintendo has seen an 11% rise in stock value, which now stands at 11,850 yen, the largest gain since 2008. The yen has weakened against all 16 major counterparts this year as speculation...

  • News Troubled THQ To Be Picked Apart By Rivals

    Key franchises to be sold to the highest bidder

    The future of THQ largely hangs in the balance as the company struggles to find the cash to stay afloat. Back in December the publisher filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy handing over its assets to investment firm Clearlake Capital, which is now looking for a prospective buyer. It has been confirmed...

  • News THQ Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Upcoming games are safe

    THQ has been sailing through some stormy seas recently. The developer currently has $16.4 million outstanding on its facility and recently entered into a forbearance agreement with the finance company Wells Fargo Capital Finance. The waves don’t seem to be easing up for the company as it has today filed for Chapter 11...

  • News THQ Enters Forebearance Agreement With Creditors

    Foreclosure delayed, for now

    THQ has been going through some difficult times lately. The developer currently has $16.4 million outstanding on its facility and two weeks ago it defaulted on a loan worth $50 million. Things were looking bleak, but it appears the company has entered into an agreement with the finance company Wells Fargo Capital Finance...