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  • News The Inflatable Kart Now Works With Your Nintendo 3DS

    Let your joy ring out!

    Those inflatable Wii karts are great, but what are you supposed to do when you migrate from Mario Kart Wii to Mario Kart 7? CTA Digital has you covered, revamping the kart to support 3DS as well as Wii. Slot your 3DS console into the steering wheel and turn away in games that support gyro controls. Interestingly the press...

  • News Extend 3DS Battery Life with CTA's Deluxe Power Grip

    Fully charged

    The 3DS battery life has arguably received just as much discussion as its games line-up, and there have been plenty of peripheral companies trying to solve that problem with add-ons. CTA Digital is the latest, launching its Deluxe Power Grip to combat the issue. The grip includes a rechargeable battery that, according to CTA,...

  • News Inflatable Wii Karts Finally Blow Up In Europe

    What you've been missing!

    Oh, Nintendo. When you created the Wii Remote and wowed us with its universal applications — a tennis racquet! A chopping knife! A fishing rod! — did you have any idea you'd just opened the Pandora's Box of appalling accessories? In the years Wii has been on the market we've seen exercise bikes, lightsaber holsters and more, but one of the most notorious is the..

  • News CTA Digital's 3DS 22-in-1 Accessory Kit Trumps All Opponents

    18-in-1 slightly more conservative

    Snakebyte, MadCatz and more are all cracking their collective knuckles ahead of the 3DS accessory war about to unfold next month, offering small collections of accessories that represent value. CTA Digital is taking a slightly different approach, cramming their kits with up to 22 accessories at once. The company is...