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  • News We Didn't Know It, But Sonic Boom Was First Shown in Spring 2013

    Well darn

    If Sega needed any evidence that its mascot can still generate buzz and hype, the online reaction to the reveal of Sonic Boom, with Wii U and 3DS games joined by the TV show and a range of toy merchandise, may have renewed the company's faith in the brand. Not all were immediate fans of the off-shoot's designs, admittedly, but Sonic was...

  • News CryEngine 3 "Runs Beautifully" on Wii U

    Dry those eyes

    Crytek is making the shift to a free-to-play model once its current games are complete, so for now it won't be developing any Wii U titles of its own — but that doesn't mean that the superb CryEngine 3, most famous for powering the Crysis games, is going anywhere. In fact, it "runs beautifully" on Wii U and a "respected developer"...