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  • News Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo's Move From Casual To Core

    "People take games for granted now"

    The Wii and DS consoles were systems which achieved incredible global success and marked Nintendo's shift from "core" players to a much larger market, dubbed "casual gamers". Titles like Wii Sports, Wii Fit and Brain Training made gamers of people who had historically never taken any interest in interactive...

  • News Nintendo Super Guide Mode in NSMB Wii: The Details

    The infamous "Kind Code" could ironically mean tougher challenges

    Nintendo's proposed "Kind Code" has had chins wagging for quite some time now, but few people were sure of what it actually meant for gaming. Some jumped to the conclusion that it would make games too easy, while others maintained it was merely a guide that would only help...

  • Feature Frontier Boss: Wii Reviewers Are The Problem

    Says writers are appealing to their own audience, not a game's intended crowd.

    The issue of review scores for casual games rumbles on. David Braben, head honcho of Frontier Developments, the folks behind the critically acclaimed WiiWare title Lost Winds, doesn't find it wise to discount Metacritic scores for Wii, unlike a certain Mr. Moore recently...

  • News New Lord of the Rings Game is, You Know, For Kids

    Warner Bros. turns the cute factor up to eleven

    As you may already be aware, EA's ownership of the LotR movie licence has recently expired and the rights have now reverted to Warner Bros. Given the nature of the subject matter one would naturally assume that Warner would play it safe and create an epic action adventure with lots of orc-slaying and plenty of gore; after all, this is a property based..

  • News Zelda: Spirit Tracks To Appeal To a Wider Age Group?

    Will Nintendo dumb down Link's latest adventure?

    As you may have noticed, Nintendo has released its sales figures for the fiscal year end 2009. In the document there's plenty of predictions for the coming year, and one small item that has caught the eye of Nintendo fans worldwide. The report states that: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks...will...

  • News It's My Birthday: Casual Gaming Hits a New Low

    It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

    The 'casual gaming' debate is likely to flare up again with the confirmation that 2K Games is planning to release It's My Birthday for the Nintendo Wii in June of this year. Best described as a 'Birthday party simulator', this title is being billed as a 'party in a box', with support for up to 12 different brats. Now call us old fashioned, but surely the..