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  • Random Evil Dead's Ash Will Not Be Appearing In Mortal Kombat 11 As A DLC Fighter

    Fatality, Bruce wins

    The legendary American actor Bruce Campbell might be 60-years of age now, but he's still young and hip enough to know what the kids want in their video games: Ash from the Evil Dead. Unfortunately, he's not willing to comply with these demands – with the horror movie star recently taking to Twitter to end the rumours about...

  • Review ASH (3DS eShop)

    Too Burnt To Be Good

    Remember when random encounters, grinding for money and to level up characters was a thing in RPGs? ASH sure does. ASH starts with some rather vague storytelling. The game drops players into the Empire of Aghaus with control over two characters, Nicholas and Damien. It's hinted that Nicholas is a former member of Aghaus'...