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Puzzle game developer Lightwood Games has been rather prolific on the eShop, and continues to bring word games to the store. Bringing six new puzzles to tease your brain, Word Logic by POWGI follows in the same vein as some previous titles from the studio. It goes without saying that unless you're really into word puzzles, this might not be for you.

Word Logic's various modes offer some decent variety. Kriss Kross is basically a crossword with no clues, and in Ladders you swap one letter out at a time, eventually changing the word completely. In Crypto each letter represents a different word and you must decode the puzzle; Wordsweeper takes influence from Minesweeper by showing letters in adjacent squares, allowing the player to form words by placing these correctly. There are 120 puzzles of each, which is a good amount and makes for quite a lot of gameplay.

Word Logic by POWGI Review - Screenshot 1 of

Of course, it depends on how much you like each of the puzzle types, and not all are great. Kriss Kross is the most enjoyable and the easiest to understand. It's all down to preference, but it doesn't help that there are no tutorials for the games; if you aren't word puzzle savvy, this could prevent you enjoying it fully. Some of the puzzles are particularly difficult, so some players may feel that the balance could be better.

The Wii U works very well with Word Logic - the touch screen makes it easy to place the letters and you can play off-TV as well. The interface is clear and easy to follow; of course the graphics aren't up to much, but they don't need to be. Everything works as it should.

The soundtrack manages to linger in the background without being too intrusive, however this is the same music used in other POWGI games, so this could be jarring for those who have played previous titles. Again, the sound isn't imperative to enjoying the game, so it's not a major problem.

Word Logic by POWGI Review - Screenshot 1 of

The POWGI pup is also on hand to try and inject some personality into the game; he will pop up every now and then with a 'dad'-like joke. Depending on your sense of humour this will either be a great addition or a terrible one!

Word Logic does not offer online play or multiplayer, but it does offer cross-buy. This means that if you purchase the game for your Wii U you will receive it for your 3DS, and vice versa. A great option if you want to play this game on the go, especially with so much content on offer.


Word Logic is a very good game for those who enjoy word puzzles; there is plenty of content on offer and the controls are easy to pick up. Unfortunately, a lack of tutorial mode and some difficult puzzles means it may not be suitable for beginners. For those who aren't wordy there isn't much else here, but that's to be expected in a genre like this one. For its target audience, however, and especially with cross-buy included, this is a solid option.