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Break In could have been a great game where you could play a burglar trying to steal some precious jewels; instead it is pool game simulator. These games used to be ten a penny in the arcade halls of old so it is only fitting that some home conversions were made. I am no expert on the game of pool but there seems to be a fairly comprehensive range of game modes on offer here, such as 9 Ball, 8 Ball, Rotation, Cutgame, Yotsudama and Bowlard.

In the technique mode you can try out a variety of trick shots, which is a bit of fun. In the main game you can play against a friend or try out the challenge mode, which establishes your character as a stowaway on a cruise liner who has to beat various opponents to pay for your travel.

The gameplay is laid out decently. You aim by positioning a target on the table, and then you can determine your shot power and spin. This is all very intuitive so you will have no problems in picking up how to play.

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The presentation does not disappoint either; the colour scheme is quite pleasing to the eye and the lounge music complements the proceedings nicely. The inertia of the table isn’t too bad but sometimes it feels like the balls stop more abruptly than you were expecting.


On the whole if you are after a pool game to play this will probably tick all your boxes. It is an enjoyable way to while away a bit of time but it is hard to imagine that you are going to be playing this long term unless you are some kind of pool fanatic.