If you’ve ever been fond of the classic game of pinball, then Creature in the Well may well be up your street. In a curious twist on the traditional dungeon-crawler, the game sees you take on the role of the last remaining BOT-C unit, a robot engineer, in a desolate world where sandstorms reign supreme.

You’re tasked with restoring power to a huge facility in order to assist a nearby town in their plight. Within the facility lies the ‘Creature’, a mysterious, menacing beast that constantly watches over your progress, periodically challenging you to puzzle-based fights throughout the game.

Each individual room within the facility requires powering up one at a time. In order to do so, you’ll need to hit electrical balls around the area, aiming them specifically at power points jutting out of the ground. Hitting them rewards you with electrical currency, with successive hits granting you with higher yields.

You’ll then need to use this currency to unlock doors, with some requiring as little as 1,000 units, and others 40,000 or more. You have a decent amount of control over the balls themselves, as you can either simply tap X to give them a good whack with a bat, or you can hold Y to continuously slash your sword, effectively ‘juggling’ the balls as you line up your next shot.

Traps within the rooms hinder your progress – turrets may shoot hostile projectiles at you, and some power points emit a powerful wave of energy if you hit it, dealing massive damage if you happen to get caught in the blast radius. It can be highly challenging at times as you try to focus on multiple different threats, but the game’s focus on puzzle-solving is a welcome change of pace to the usual dungeon-crawler.

It looks fantastic too, with the comic book artwork really bringing the characters and environments to life. If we had one major criticism, it’s that the game suffers from pacing issues, particularly earlier on as you get used to how the pinball mechanics work.