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We have another title in the G.G series to consider, and this one opts to go back to action platformer roots. However, G.G Series ALL BREAKER focuses on including puzzle elements into the mix alongside the oddly compelling, melee-centric action. The end result is an engaging experience that'll keep challenging both your reflexes and your brain as you choose how to tackle a level in the most efficient way possible.

The premise sees players take control of a purple haired, hammer wielding protagonist named Rebecca, whose goal is to smash all of the glowing red blocks that she comes across. Along the way she'll swing her way through a small cast of enemies and navigate a series of obstacles and pitfalls that stand in her way. As can be expected of a G.G game, the spritework is quite detailed and charming; using an effective range of colours to differentiate objects from each other and to create a solid sense of coherence throughout.

The space station-esque settings may be a bit derivative and generic, but they generally contribute well to the overall theme and help create a strong visual impression. The sound design gets the job done, but it's not nearly as impactful as the visuals. The background tracks and various sound effects are just reasonable, and while this doesn't take away anything from the greater experience, it doesn't really add much either.

G.G Series ALL BREAKER Review - Screenshot 1 of

Gameplay unfolds in a level by level manner and presents a rather creative and interesting take on an action platformer, with some light puzzler elements sprinkled in. Every stage is composed of a large series of blocks and it's only by strategically smashing your way through them that you will be able to reach the handful of red blocks scattered about. Most of the blocks are the typical grey variety that can be destroyed in a single hit, but later stages include more types such as bomb blocks that explode on contact and falling blocks that crash down when unsupported. These new block types are introduced at a steady clip and help to ensure that the difficulty curve gradually ascends; the level design stays fresh and interesting.

Levels technically come in "sets" of ten, with the next set of stages taking on a different base colour and stepping up the difficulty. Points are earned by breaking blocks and defeating enemies, with a stage clear bonus and time bonus being added upon completing each stage. This really encourages the player to strategize and plan out how to approach a stage; it's important to cause as much devastation as possible, but it must be done in a timely manner if a bigger end of level score bonus is to be received.


G.G Series ALL BREAKER is a good example of how to execute an original concept in an impactful way. It introduces an interesting concept for an action platformer, provides a series of levels that properly explore the potential of that concept, and supports it all with excellent visuals and decent sound design. We'd suggest you go and pick this one up; it may not hold your attention for an extremely long period of time, but you'll likely be satisfied with the time you spend with it.