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If you want to play Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations, the odds look really good for you. A version of the game is kicking around on just about all the current (and a few not-so-current) systems out there. If you ask nicely, they might even make a port for the N-Gage.

The 3DS version of Finn & Jake Investigations is practically identical to its Wii U cousin, which we have previously reviewed. There are a few minor differences, but those who read our previous take may feel some deja vu.

Finn & Jake take on five different cases across a 3D-rendered Land of Ooo, investigating in classic point-and-click adventure fashion. Each case is framed as a "grayble," or little vignette hosted by space-observer Cuber, who also provides tutorial help in the beginning of the game.

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The format for interacting with the game might feel a little odd at first, but quickly becomes intuitive. Moving Finn near a mess-withable object or character brings up to three actions on display, each always corresponding to the same three buttons: A to take, activate, or talk, B to simply have a look, and Y to try using another item on the subject. Items at hand are selected from the inventory by cycling with the L and R buttons, and inventory items can be combined by hitting the D-Pad to go into a menu. It's an easy peasy setup, even if meaningful touch controls are still absent. The only real complaint is that now and then you might have to fidget with Finn a bit to get him on the right spot to interact with something. It's not too frequent a problem, but seems a little more finicky on the 3DS version.

When not investigating, time will sometimes be spent fighting a few waves of baddies. Combat is simple and impossible to lose, with the only prizes for a job well done being collectible stuff that doesn't have any real impact on the game. Racking up a high-enough combo will allow one of four Finn/Jake team-up attacks for a limited time, which are fun the first few times but eventually lose their lustre. Being able to switch from Finn to Jake during fighting might have helped interest in combat a bit, but otherwise it's a forgettable yet thankfully not overwhelming part of the game.

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The world of Adventure Time is naturally one of the biggest potential draws, and Finn & Jake Investigations delivers it rather well. There are plenty of familiar and favourite characters to meet, all voiced with spirit by their actual actors. The presentation of the world itself, going for a vibrant 3D rendering, will either be loved or hated by fans of the show. Taking it at face value, however, what is there looks good on the 3DS and takes advantage of the 3D capabilities, even if the graphics aren't quite as sharp as the game on the Wii U.

The same problem of canned character animations is shared across both versions, though, making the figures not feel as alive as they could be. The bottom screen also seems to "stutter" a little sometimes on the 3DS when a choice pops up down there. Since no real action ever happens on that screen, though, it doesn't really impact the game.


Although there are a couple minor squibbles, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is a solid entry on 3DS as well. Fans of Adventure Time or point-and-click style adventures can expect an easy, approachable game about 10 hours in length regardless of which system they choose. The Wii U, if forced to choose, would get nods for a better look and the ability to more easily share in some laid back fun with family or friends. However, if you're more of a lone adventurer or only have a 3DS, this can still certainly be worth a pickup.