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Did you know that word games travel in pairs? It's true, and if you've read our review of Word Puzzles by POWGI on Wii U , then you've already got a head start on this review of Word Puzzles by POWGI on 3DS - its portable counterpart.

It's a pretty direct port, featuring the same puzzles across the same 6 game modes that put a much more unique spin on the typical wordsearches and jumbles. The graphics and music are pretty much identical, though music quality in particular takes an unfortunate hit when compared to the Wii U. Even so, aesthetics aren't the focus here so you can tune it out while focusing on the core gameplay.

Using the stylus is as intuitive as ever, and the game's amiibo functionality (for those with a New 3DS or an NFC reader) is still available and underwhelming - if a neat distraction for a moment or two. Using hints still helps you out when you're stuck, and skipping around the selection of 480 puzzles at will makes this an accessible choice for killing time on the move. Prove to the stranger on the bus next to you that you CAN find 5 different types of animal noises before reaching your stop!

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While there isn't any kind of 3D integration, we feel that the 3DS version still has the edge due to the pick-up-and-play nature of the game itself. Cross-buy means that you'll unlock both versions regardless, but for our money we'd rather take this collection of quick puzzles off the big screen. Streetpass will let you share your progress as well, for limited bragging rights.


Word Puzzles is a simple game with modest goals.Whether it will appeal to you or not depends entirely on how much you enjoy word-based puzzle games, but it offers up a range of modes that should last you quite a while if it sounds like fun. For this reason; we reckon its better suited to the 3DS and shorter bouts of handheld braininess - if 6.5 existed on our scale, that's what we'd give it - making this version the one we'll be coming back to for more.