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For those who haven't read our review of the original My First Songs on 3DS, you may want to read that before going any further in this one.

My First Songs 2 is the sequel to My First Songs and generally follows the same formula as the original. You have a variety of nursery rhymes which you can tap along to using the touch screen whilst the music plays and the notes slide in from the left hand side. The songs are different from last time as one would expect, but the game is almost identical in every other facet. There are a total of fourteen new tracks to choose from, including Pop Goes the Weasel, Little Miss Muffet, and Humpty Dumpty.

This reviewer finds it difficult to write much more than what has already been said about this game for fear of repeating himself. The gameplay is fine for younger children, it's a good tool for developing young minds through rhythm exercises, and it's colourful and nicely presented. This feels much less like a sequel and more like DLC that got its own standalone release, and having different menus and songs isn't enough to warrant that.

My First Songs 2 Review - Screenshot 1 of

What's worse is that the original game was released less than a month beforehand, so this entry feels like it should have been part of the original game instead of an artificial extension to wring additional funds from parents.


My First Songs 2 is the same game as before, but with different songs. There's nothing wrong with it by itself, but it feels like the developer simply cut content from the first game in order to try and charge for the content twice. While it's a solid experience, the money-grabbing feel of how it was released mars the enjoyment and has forced our hand in scoring it a little lower than the original.