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Two things became apparent during Nintendo Life's time with TREVA's Horse Vet 3D. The first is that, apparently, everyone owns a horse; the second is that these horses needed a lecture in safe mating, as nearly all the horses treated had scabies at one point or another. Horse Vet 3D, like TREVA's recent offerings Top Model 3D and Outback Pet Rescue 3D, is a poor attempt at a simulation that can't justify its expensive asking price.

Horse Vet 3D has a similar structure to Outback Pet Rescue 3D, with players wandering aimlessly around an isometric world as a lifeless female avatar, "diagnosing" and "treating" sick or injured horses. You should definitely consult the manual before playing, as there is very little in the way of instruction or direction as to what to do. This is problematic, especially for younger players who will likely be at a loss as to what to do next or where to go.

Horse Vet 3D Review - Screenshot 1 of

The game uses a day cycle similar to TREVA's other simulation titles, allowing you to see patients, go into town and buy supplies and food, and ride horses. The actual veterinarian portion of Horse Vet 3D is quite boring; you're given a description of symptoms and have to tap the horse with the stylus to locate the problems — a circle will highlight the correct trouble spots, and you'll be told what to do, which is usually "remove X" and "disinfect with Y." There's no real challenge. Completing a consultation will earn money, which must be spent on additional supplies, medication and tools.

Some horses require in-patient treatment, which amounts to a very thin attempt at keeping the horse as a virtual pet; you can also ride horses in the main game, as well as from the main menu. It is — unfortunately — a sluggish, unsatisfying experience, with clunky controls and no excitement.

Visually this game is bland, with a lifeless world and blurry, dull colours that seem to be ripped directly from Outback Pet Rescue 3D. With generic music and frequently repeated voices that sound tinny, Horse Vet 3D's presentation leaves a lot to be desired in every aspect; don't bother with the 3D effect, which simply blurs and dulls the visuals even more.


It's disconcerting to see games like Horse Vet 3D on the eShop at a hefty price — these titles are not fundamentally broken, but they offer no compelling reason to keep playing and certainly can't justify the investment. Even for fans of the equestrian world, Horse Vet 3D offers too little to justify a recommendation.