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Horse Vet 3D (3DS eShop)


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TREVA Entertainment GmbH
Independent Arts


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Single Player
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3DS eShop

  • US 18th Sep 2014, $19.99

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Horse Vet 3D Screenshot
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  • Review Horse Vet 3D (3DS eShop)

    Horse pucky

    Two things became apparent during Nintendo Life's time with TREVA's Horse Vet 3D. The first is that, apparently, everyone owns a horse; the second is that these horses needed a lecture in safe mating, as nearly all the horses treated had scabies at one point or another. Horse Vet 3D, like TREVA's recent offerings Top Model 3D and Outback...

About The Game

Experience the daily life of a veterinarian – specialized in horses!

You examine the horses to determine the nature of diseases or injuries. Drive to emergencies and treat them inpatient afterwards until they are healthy again!

  • Diagnose and treat your patients with thermometer, ultrasonics, blood sample, forceps, syringe, bandages and more
  • Enjoy thrilling outdoor adventures: Ride out on your horse or get into your car to reach emergencies on time with the help of the gyroscope controls
  • Have fun with a variety of breeds while longing, feeding, cleaning and playing with them
  • Recapture escaped horses on your practice area
  • Breed cute foals or buy and sell horses
  • Expand your practice with different buildings like stables and therapy house
  • Visit the nearby town with its shop, bank, academy and advertising agency
  • Collect Play Coins and change them into ingame currency
  • 3D photo feature: Take a real 3D photo of yourself and use it in the game