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Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From the Abyss turned out to be a mechanically sound albeit slightly aimless dungeon crawler with a couple of interesting ideas up its sleeve.

Save for a different main character, this is the exact same game as before. Not that we were expecting anything else — both games selectively pull from retail title From the Abyss — and everything we thought about Chapter 1 applies to Chapter 2, so we suggest checking out our Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From the Abyss review for a more complete breakdown on how we felt. We'll wait right here to give you a chance to catch up.

Done already? Aren't you a speedy reader. On to Chapter 2 then.

There are precisely two notable things about part deux: all of your equipment and abilities carry over from the first chapter, which is a welcome feature for those who slogged through the first set of dungeons; and a new main character who is really into looking for treasure. She plays the same as the protagonist of Chapter 1, amounting to little more than a sprite swap.

All the rest is as before. Items and abilities are still obtained in the same random way, the sound and visuals are indistinguishable save the difference in playable character, and it still feels slightly aimless to blast through dungeons only to be spit out the end and told to do it all again.


What we have here is a straight continuation of gameplay, and your want to pick this up is directly tied to how much more you'd like to dig into this brand of dungeon crawler. Carrying over equipment and abilities from the first game is a welcome touch, but there's nothing here to convert those who may have thought ill of Chapter 1.