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We're used to quality from Two Tribes so far, with excellent titles like Toki Tori and Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH available on WiiWare getting good scores all around. With its latest game being an iPhone port for DSiWare, can it keep up this streak of entertaining titles?

Frenzic is a fairly simple game, but it can get deceptively hard very fast. On the playing field are six circles, each divided into six pie-like slices; one by one, single slices will appear in the center of the screen, and you have to select a circle to place each one into.

For each circle you completely fill, you'll get points, but that's where the tricky part comes in: you get more points if one circle has many slices of the same colour, and an extra life if a circle is made up of nothing but one colour.

It gets even more trickier when you realise it's impossible to rotate pieces – you can only keep them in the same position, which means there's only six possible spots for each piece. If you try too hard to complete circles of the same colour, this may mean that you'll end up with the same spot filled in all circles, leaving no place for another slice for said spot.

Thankfully, you can hold one reserve piece, but don't completely fill up multiple identical slots; if you fail to make a move within a certain time, which will inevitably happen in these cases, you'll lose one of your lives.

Frenzic Review - Screenshot 1 of

Frenzic is only moderately addicting on its own, but unfortunately there is absolutely nothing else to the title, meaning this sole game mode is all you're gonna be able to play. The blow is softened by the fact the game only costs 200 Points, but we don't think one or two slightly different modes would've been too much to ask.

The graphics are expectedly simple for a puzzle game, but they get the point across. The music, however, is a bit repetitive and may begin to get on your nerves.


Frenzic's a decent game, but with many other, better 200 Point alternatives available, it's kind of hard to recommend. If you've got points to blow and you've exhausted all other options, it may be worth a look, but those who can only pick one game may find its lack of content a bit disappointing.