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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

"Taking everything that is loved about the grand battles of the original Star Wars trilogy -- the dogfights, the scale and the classic theme of good versus evil -- Star Wars: Rogue Squadron delivers an authentic aerial action experience with its own bespoke storyline. Produced with astonishingly high production values -- including a full voiceover -- it's a little on the short side, yet challenging and deeply rewarding."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


User Reviews (7)

"Rogue Squadron takes what are arguably the best scenes in the Star Wars franchise and packs them all (and then some!) into a tiny Nintendo 64 cartridge. The controls are tight and responsive, the nostalgia is booming. High-quality midi files of fully orchestrated John Williams franchise hits crash and boom their way into the player's subconscious with an expanded-universe ribbon tying up the package."

8/10 - bahooney 64

"There are good Star Wars games, and then there are great Star Wars games. Rogue Squadron fits neatly into the latter category with its stellar gameplay and soundtrack. The game puts you in the heat of some of the far far away galaxy's most intense battles, and its mission based structure means that the game itself offers a quick, difficult, but overall satisfying experience."

8/10 - GreenGaming 64

"Factor 5 peaked with the development of this series. Boasting impressive graphics even without the RAM expansion pack, it was an absolute delight for anyone who ever played with Star Wars toy ships as a child. It did lack the huge capital ships battles possibly due to hardware constrains, but this was remedied later on the GameCube entries. Essential like an astromech droid unit."

9/10 - Shiryu 64

"Rogue Squadron is awesome. The sense of achievement the first time you grapple hook around an AT-AT, bringing it to its knees feels exhilarating. The degree to which this game immerses you in an atmosphere of an underdog against the odds creates compelling missions and dogfight scenarios. The added Star Wars sounds and aesthetics serves as a cherry on top of an immense experience."

10/10 - YoshiTails 64

"At the time, this was Star Fox 64's all-range mode with much more depth. I was obsessed with Star Wars at the time, so I played this game more than any other of the franchise. This entry mostly focuses on the expanded universe. The sequel blew this one away in terms of placing you in the movies and having a much more polished experience."

8/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"A game that excellently touches on one of the most popular aspects of the Star Wars universe the spaceships, Rogue Squadron captures the wonders and intense atmosphere of interstellar combat with that iconic Star Wars soundtrack thrown into the game for good measure. Considering the time of its release the game is a marvel in the graphics department pushing the N64 to its limits."

9/10 - Jazzer94 64

"I remember flying my toy X-Wing around the Christmas Tree as a "break" after playing this for hours. A lot of times, I didn't even care about completing the missions, I just wanted to fly the ships. Consequently, I never saw the ending, but the memories given to me by RS more than made up for that. A must-play, along with its Gamecube sequel."

9/10 - ZBomber 64

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I loved this game, the convoy missions were always my favourite!!


I hope we also get Episode 1 Racer on this feature.


It's nice to reminisce about the 3rd party n64 games, since vc doesn't want to feature them


Gave the review challenge a go as this is one of my favorite game series, hope it was okay.


At the time I wasn't interested in this because X-Wing and Tie-Fighter were so much better on PC, and unfortunately I probably never get to enjoy this game since I doubt I will ever see it on Virtual Console. Lucas Arts is gone and I doubt Disney has any interest in re-releasing this.


Quality game, enjoyed this allot at the time and was a real system seller as there was no game like this on the psx. Came up allot on the playground as a tip for tat argument over which was the better console. Loved it!!


I loved this game & star wars as a kid/teen. Then Episode 1 came out...
a part of me died and star wars was never the same.

this game is still great though


Seriously now, can we get an HD collection for the Wii U (and only Wii U)?


I really need to pick this and Battle for Naboo up for my N64. I love Rogue Leader, and Rebel Strike is decent too.


Hmmm I just noted this. Its an awesome feature. I'll give it a try when they do this with games Ive played.


I just picked this up for my N64 in a used games shop along with Shadows of The Empire. I can't wait to dig into them. Were there any sequels for either on the N64?


@MegaWatts Thanks, really cool idea for a feature will contribute to others fingers crossed for Pokemon Stadium.


This whole tribute to n64 made me go on eBay and buy 1. Got this and about 25 games. Damn nostalgia.


I played the sequels more than this one, so I can't give it a fair shake. Never owned it either, so that doesn't help.

What I do remember is that I did have fun when I did play it. I'll always prefer Star Fox though, but all personal taste there.

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