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Mission: Impossible

"Best enjoyed without the obvious comparison with other movie tie-ins. Don't judge on the poor opening two levels; they're far more engaging and complex as it progresses, plus unlocking levels like Terminal Room is immensely rewarding. Its strength is the stealth elements of the game, although unfortunately hindered by clunky mechanics which can unfairly penalise you. Harshly reviewed back in 1997 - worth a revisit."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"I should play Mission: Impossible all the way through before reviewing it, but if everybody did that, most reader reviews would only be positive. This game was more ambitious than Goldeneye in trying to capture all aspects of being a spy. However, it wasn't executed well and the controls were clunky. When I got stuck, I didn't have enough motivation to figure it out."

6/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"I absolutely loved this game when it was released, and played through the entire game. II was unfairly compared to Goldeneye, it isn't a FPS. The graphics and controls weren't great, and it lacked polish, but it had some really inventive missions. Using the masks was a blast. I had a lot of fun, and would play it again on Wii U Virtual Console."

8/10 - justinluey 64

"I was very enthusiastic to play this game back in the day (still own my copy in mint condition). And some aspects of it were actually quite exciting, in terms of both being a spy and the Mission Impossible franchise. You could actually change your face! But in the it felt like the developers bit more than they could swallow. Points for trying, though."

6/10 - Al_Godoy 64

"Playing this back when it came out it had some great ideas, disguises, social stealth, and distractions where the aim most of the time, games today do a much better job of course with the likes of Hitman and Splinter Cell, shame that future MI games became poor copies of other stealth games, but man did I love the music for the embassy mission."

8/10 - SPEtheridge 64

"Screw the critics. This game's great! Aside from some technical gripes, the game is a lot of fun. From using the facemaker and pulling off some stealthy missions, to blowing stuff up with a gunboat - and things like the famous terminal room sequence in between. It also contains some stupid humour too, including a sniping sequence where people pull drinks from their jacket. Amazing."

9/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"GoldenEye it ain't, but it has its own style. The spy vs. action balance skews more in favor of the latter as the game goes on. The wonky controls definitely aren't very conducive towards exciting and responsive gameplay, but with some work and patience, the various missions and objectives can be a blast. The most fun to be had is screwing up missions, though!"

7/10 - Solid_Stannis 64

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It's not perfect by any means but d*** it if wasn't fun and varied. They failed to deliver what they had promised but they still made a good game.


Just never got into the game.....probably because it was a little clunky. Had some neat elements but was very low on the list of games I owned for N64


This game was the doggeyoopsiepoodlepoopie, loved it, a gift from my parents after i got my braces as a kid... It was very rough around the edges, but with such a charm


Hey, another awful game being featured in this 64 tribute dealy thingy!

Unlike Turok 2, this one was actually fun, but only if you intentionally screwed up the objectives. It was terribly boring if you played it "right." What I remember most vividly was (I think) the second level, where you're undercover at a fancy-schmancy party and are limited to no weapons, and you can't run. Attacking people and otherwise playing to fail that mission made this otherwise dull game bring some fond memories.

What's next, Mace: The Dark Age?


I chose to accept it and liked it.
The difficulty was perfect. Hard and satisfying.

Had to many games to play at the time though, so never got through it. Who knows. Maybe I'll dust it off one of these days.


@Genesaur i like that they put more "unknow" games, or you want the typical games that has been talked, reviewed, etc... Till death ? Besides, they have already post much of the bset games on the system


@Genesaur Not only what @Faruko said, but want a list of 64 great N64 games? Personally, I love 2 and think that 2-3 more were pretty fun at the time (but I have no desire to ever play them again). Seems to me that some less than great games are going to be necessary.

Anyway, though I didn't care much for the N64, I'm loving this feature. I look forward to reading the reviews/comments every day, even if most days I'm left thinking "yep...still never want to play that game/play that game again".


@Faruko Dude, it's not about whether the game is well-known. I tend to enjoy games that everyone else seems to forget. I really think this game was just bad, is all.


I never had the N64 version, but I did have the Game Boy Color version because there was a mode that turned one's GBC into a working TV remote via the system's IR port. As for the game itself, it wasn't bad.


I remember being sorely disappointed as a kid when I bought this. According to Nintendo Power at the time the developers had intended to use the 64DD. Doing so you could take a picture of your face or a friends to use as a mask. Additional levels would also be released later to add to the game. Sadly none of this materialized and we were left with clunky controls that just made the game infuriating to play at times. The sniper levels were fun enough. Dropping down from the ceiling was also a minutes long ordeal in a room that must have been a mile high. So yes there were a few redeeming parts to this game. But from someone who actually beat the game, myself, without use of the strategy guide or internet, there just isn't enough reason for me to recommend this game or replay it myself.


I used to have this game. It was a solid game imo. 8/10


This was a weird game... think it was too easy to fail missions... but then it is mission IMPOSSIBLE


This is one game I've always been tempted to pick up but then I remember the reviews of the time and steer clear. I'm looking at a Youtube letsplay now and yeah, I think I'm right to save my money. It isn't the sort of thing which appeals to me. Reminds me a bit of Winback.


I was impressed of the ideas the yput in. I still don't know a game present, which has such elements like the sniper scene, where you have to shoot bad guys but pay attention people going for guns, but just took their phone or glas or something else. It was the best. And also the spy elements where so fresh and interesting, not just shooting around but doing actual spy stuff.
But yeah the gameplay technical problems where bad.


One of the funniest lines in gaming:

"Oops, sorry, I wasn't sure you were really dead, pal!"

...And the game lets you get away with it scot free, too.


Best sequence is where you have to protect Ethan with a Sniper Rifle, and loads of civilians start acting suspiciously - like cigarettes, food, and even ..... cocktails.

Great stuff.


@Genesaur I thought Mace the Dark Age was great! I played that and Fighters Destiny loads.


I liked the embassy party, trying to punch as many guests as possible before security caught me.


@luke88 I loved it too, but in kind of a so-bad-it's-good sorta way. The controls weren't bad or anything. I mean, it was unbalanced, but for what it was, there really wasn't anything wrong with it. I just put it in the same camp, because I played it around the same time, and had the most fun messing around, rather than playing for real.

@JimLad Precisely.

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