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"It wasn't the portly plumber's first outing on the virtual court, but Mario Tennis was nevertheless the first smash-hit in the franchise. The simple control input is easy to understand, yet allows for advanced techniques too; the control sticks enhances accuracy greatly. The single-player tournament mode is a bit drawn and repetitive, therefore, making this a game that's much better when enjoyed with friends."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Mario Tennis isn't only the best entry in the series but one of the finest Tennis games ever made. The game offer fun and challenger on single player mode but really shines on Multiplayer. Virtua Tennis may have the customization and reality but Mario Tennis have the pure sense of joy, fun, challenge, weirdness,that only Nintendo can offer. Amazing single player, and perfect multiplayer."

9/10 - Frank90 64

"Mario sports titles range from uninspired to over the top, but Mario Tennis for the N64 seems to get everything right. Wide range of old and new Mario characters? Check. Simple yet different court designs? Check. Extra modes and features to keep you playing outside of tournaments? check and check. One of the best pick-up-and-play games ever and a blast in multiplayer to boot."

8/10 - GreenGaming 64

"Pure fun, great to play alone or with friends. Some weird character options like DK jr. are cool and the introduction of Waluigi is sure to be of note to many. The controls are tight and the graphics have aged well. Single player is challenging and the mini games are a blast too, however multiplayer is probably the best part of this awesome game."

9/10 - Kevlar44 64

"It's a great game with many different modes, unlockables and a colorful roster of characters (including the day view of Waluigi). Games can be played strategically, in which players can trick one another with lob and drop shots or perhaps take a risky move and head straight for the net. Each character possesses different stats, though mainly through their mastery of a particular trait."

8/10 - TheRavingTimes 64

"This game introduced us Waluigi (give him his own game!). This is a good tennis game with Mario characters. Play traditional tennis modes and other modes like the one where you use Mario Kart style items to hit your opponents while playing tennis. Connect with Game Boy Color version to get bonuses for both games. That's the way DLC was done back then kids."

8/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"An excellent game that is still in heavy rotation for me today, and my personal favorite Mario Tennis title. While the single player can be fun, the core element of this game is the multiplayer. Playing a ring match with a friend against a CPU team is a blast and the highlight of the game for me. The sequels can’t touch the 64 version."

9/10 - ZBomber 64

"A great game, and the best in the Mario Tennis series. Single player represents quite a challenge. The multiplayer provides the opportunity to gather friends, and promptly lose them over fraught tennis matches. The controls feel so intuitive, the graphics do the job, and overall the character selection is excellent. The only thing wrong with Mario Tennis is that it introduces us to Waluigi."

9/10 - Uncle_Franklin 64

"+simple to learn +controls feel good +skill variation between characters is well done +doesn't feel too gimmicky +links to Game Boy Color version -doesn't have as many options as future versions -lacks adventure mode from Game Boy Color version -introduced Waluigi, which feels like scraps from the creativity barrel -ultimate version would have traditional controls as one option and GOOD motion controls as another"

7/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"This is hands down my favourite tennis game ever. I loved the simple and yet effective controls and the gameplay was easy to pick up and yet difficult and very rewarding to master. One of the multiplayer highlights on the N64 for me. Few games can rival the fun and insanity of a 4 player doubles match. They kept it simple and nailed it."

9/10 - dinosauryoshi 64

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Got this game on the Wii's VC and love it. It's a well crafted spin off.


Please stop referring to Mario as the 'portly plumber'.

That alliteration has been done to tedium.


This was certainly one of my favorite N64 games. Solid gameplay, graphics. Many hours were spent on this title.


While it was certainly a well crafted game and was quite fun, there's one major fault I have it. This game created Waluigi and essentially brought Daisy back from forgotten memories. And while I don't necessarily hate these characters, including them for the sake of including them, just doesn't sit right. Especially while there is a rich universe full of characters. Perhaps if there was more character development to them, I wouldn't care. But as it stands, Luigi's Peach and Luigi's Wario don't detract from the game, but at the same time they don't add anything. This is where the slippery spiral starts and I'm afraid it won't end with Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina.


I,m still to beat a CPU on INTENSE dificulty...


I didn't like it even a bit. It is not tennis and more important, it isn't fun.


I've not really played this but I think that at least the later games added lots of power-ups and additional stuff on the courts etc that I probably just detracts from the core gameplay of fun skill based tennis; kinda in the same way I think Mario Kart's specific item implementation (especially in the later games) detracts from the core gameplay of fun skill based racing. I love the idea of a Mario themed Tennis game but I'd like one that is basically pure tennis with literally just a Mario theme on top. The characters can look like Mario characters, the courts can look creative like they belong in the Mario kingdom etc but I want a pure skill based tennis game at the core. Don't know if that's what we got here but just saying.


Best of the Mario tennis games. Although, GameCube was pretty great, too.


Probably my favourite 4 player game ever. (sorry Mario Kart and Smash Bros, though Snowboard Kids 64 is a close second). The fact that there is no need for split screen helps, but also a really skill based game. Not as fun single player, 2 player still decent.


@deliangrapeman That was something awesome about this game and Mario Golf. It just added to the experience, and it's a shame that they weren't able to link them with the virtual console. But we can always hope for the future.


White text on a yellow background, really, NintendoLife?


Simply brilliant, before they went and over-complicated things with tons of items.


Pretty fun back in the day.

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