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"Revered as the N64's favourite football game despite (in technical terms) not being the best. Yes, it had bugs, no FIFA licence and comedic commentary but ISS64 shone because it was the ground breaking next-gen football game. Gameplay bettered FIFA 64, multiplayer so addictive it caused sleep deprivation and, solo, it still had scenarios that kept one-players satisfied. ISS64: a keeper for the collection."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"One of the first N64 games I played on a friend's console. As a football nut his face was constantly filled with glee as our players sprinted, tackled and nutmegged past each other. It stands as one of the greatest football games of all time with a fluidity and exciting pace thredded through its gameplay. A blast in multiplayer that leaves fond memories lingering."

9/10 - YoshiTails 64

"GOAL GOAL GOAL! This to me is the way all sports games should be. This was a great balance of arcade and sim, fast paced yet it took strategy. I still have yet played a football game since that captures the sport so perfectly in spirit and gameplay. The sound effects were steller, the announcer spot on, and the animation and models were great."

9/10 - TRON 64

"I'm an American who lived in Scotland at the time of this game's release. Being from the other side of the pond, I don't have as much appreciation for the REAL football as the writers of this site. Despite this handicap, I can say that I rather enjoyed my brief playing of this game. No other football game has really stood out to me."

8/10 - VGScrapbook 64

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Never heard of that game.


I began my ISS career with ISS 98 so never actually played this one. 98 had some pretty hilarious commentary too though from what I remember.


I loved this game but ISS98 was better. I wish Konami would make a new ISS for Wii U or just make Pro Evo more like these games and bring that to Wii U.


I never played this game. I already knew sports games weren't my thing after "playing" ISSD on SNES for a while and being the only one wanting to change games. Still, if it is better than that version, I bet it was one heck of a soccer game for the fans of those.

@Frapp Yeah, we need that.


I've always known the game as ISSS, since the SNES. It's weird to see it as "ISS"


This needs to be on the homepage.


Er, guys, when you click on Castlevania 64, it goes back to the homepage.

This isn't quite what we had in mind.


Bugs? I never saw one and I played it a lot.


Can a user 64 word review be written in spanish?


@Jahir, I think it would be great to have a few reviews in other languages. Even if a lot of this site's readers couldn't read them as easily, it would represent that the Nintendo 64 was enjoyed all over the world, not just by English speaking players!


@VGScrapbook @Jahir The Community Rules state that "all posts should be made in English".

I guess as this site is entirely English-language it makes sense, sorry :/


This was and still is one of the greatest games I ha ever played. I am a massive football fan and even now after all these years I am still playing this. The graphics were stunning for there time and the gameplay is still fluid giving a great impression. Of the beautiful game the balancing of passing and runs and ball control and shot power was just perfect and the commentary is simply unforgettable. Football games of today could learn a lot from this near perfect example. 10/10


I agree with everything that @TRON said, the ISSS series perfectly balanced sim and arcade, making them the best football games I've ever played. This was a great start, but ISSS98 and ISSS2000 were better games of course.

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