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"Imagine the fast-paced gameplay of Quake, throw in some futuristic hover vehicles and you've pretty much got Forsaken. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this game is the incredible sense of speed you move at, although this quickly disappears with three other players also firing off various high-tech weapons. The campaign doesn't provide quite the same degree of excitement, but certainly has its moments."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Forsaken 64 is a brilliant game. I disagree with the main review about the campaign not being as exciting as the multiplayer. I think it is better. I love almost all of the stages. The key to the game's excellence though is the audio. The soundtrack is fantastic and is something I listen to on my laptop from time to time. Real classic stuff."

9/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"Forsaken is a 360 degree shooter with weapon spawns in tight tunnel-like maps. Expect short bursts of high action deathmatches. Featuring 4 player multiplayer and the inclusion of bots, this game is a disorienting fragfest whether with friends or alone. CPU difficulty scales high enough to be tense without feeling unfair. Goldeneye is great with friends, but when they leave you won't feel Forsaken"

9/10 - Swankenstein 64

"I remember being offered a PC demo disk of this game in Electronics Boutique and wondering, 'Why don't they hand out demo N64 carts!' Like Turok, Turok 2 and Rage Wars, Forsaken is another forgotten jewel in the N64 crown of mature titles. Gritty industrial Sci-fi lairs of swirling, free flying gladiatorial mayhem, set to an unforgettable techno grind pulsing throughout? A masterclass in atmosphere. "

8/10 - HappyMaskedGuy 64

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Can't help but get wistfully nostalgic about the game that introduced me to motion sickness. The 10 minutes I played it before almost throwing up were great....


F-Zero did the same thing to me. I felt a bit nautious after playing it. A game is not very fun if it makes you sick.


Very happy to see Forsaken acknowledged. This game kind of blew my mind when it launched. I remember renting it with some buddies the weekend after it came out. I spent the night over their place and one of them was displeased that I wouldn't put the controller down to go participate in a little late-night basketball. I ended up playing Forsaken with his little brother all darn night. The world was spinning come morning.


I'm glad this game was not forsaken.

I never fully got the hang of this game but the Ronnie Size tune was awesome for an N64 game!


Very good action game. It turned out to be pretty hard on higher levels. And sometimes you could´nt see the other hunters on their tiny bikes.


@Nintenjoe64 I forgot about the soundtrack being soo damn good for the time! It was the first n64 game to have propper lighting effects, full 360 movement and was an all round great inventive game.
In hindsight, I'm suprised there isn't much like this now as the theme and style are very current and I for one would be curious to see this vision in a modern hd game!


Haven't heard of this game before as the only FPS I played on N64 was Goldeneye.


this is probably my favorite 64 game of all time. i played it hundreds of times. i wish they would make another game like it. no other game gives you the freedom to move in any direction. it was awesome.


Another great game from Probe Entertainment, they also made Extreme G, Alien 3 for the SNES and Die Hard Trilogy for the Playstation.

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