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Conker's Bad Fur Day

"Only Rare could have taken the cutesy adventure platformer genre and so masterfully warped it into such an hilariously offensive and beautifully vulgar gameplay experience. Enter Conker, a binge-drinking squirrel, whose walk home from the pub quickly turns into an adventure of inappropriate and scatological proportions. Stunningly animated, fully voiced and stuffed with creative -- if unusual -- gameplay moments, it?s one of the N64?s best."

10/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"This game is proof that, in their day, Rare could do no wrong. Here we have a cutesy platformer with a red squirrel protagonist who frequently gets drunk, surrounds himself with profanity-spewing maniacs, and parodies pop culture in his spare time. Though it may not be the most fluid platformer, genius humour coupled with varied level design make this one of the N64's best."

9/10 - GreenGaming 64

"It's almost as if Rare knew what was going to happen to them: kidnapped in cold daylight by Microsoft, the destroyer of souls. As a swansong for Rare's glorious N64 years, Conker's Bad Fur Day couldn't be more fitting. Cuteness is thrown to the wind in favour of sassy subversive humour, from scouse dung-beetles to profane hillbilly pitchforks. An epic masterpiece in side-splitting randomness."

10/10 - YoshiTails 64

"Well this game sure is one big pile of *censored* *censored* toilet humour *censored* RARE uncensored at their finest, with *censored* *censored* *censored* which is rather odd on such a family friendly company home console but hey *censored* *censored* *censored* and if you don't like it you can *censored* *censored*. Mandatory, beautifully crafted and if you don't like it you can always go *censored*."

10/10 - Shiryu 64

"After the epic collect-a-thon of DK64 and Banjo-Tooie, Rare went for something different. Making controls simpler and limiting special moves to certain areas made this a different platformer. But that's not all: there's lots of toilet humor, blood and swearing. Didn´t see that coming, huh. It's violent and so much fun to play. A true hidden N64 gem. A little short but sweet game."

9/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"This is what happens when a company tackles a console, starts putting out quality games on it and when it's finally coming to an end, combines all of their knowledge, creativity and style into one final masterpiece. Conker's Bad Fur Day isn't just your regular platformer, it's a quality and very cinematic platformer. If you can handle the harsh style of it, that is."

9/10 - Truner 64

"The game is kinda enjoyable, mostly due to its charm. However, the gameplay in the middle section is appalling. The first couple and the final sections are great (bar the Rodent escort...), but the middle part is pretty horrendous and frustrating. The only exceptions are the lava surfing and villager capturing bits. Still fun, but nowhere near the best the N64 has to offer."

8/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this I wasn't supposed to play this, I was six and I did and it was awesome."

10/10 - Jazzer94 64

"+transformed from a cutesy platformer to being filled with subversive humor, totally unexpected of a company owned by Nintendo +variety of movie references +eclectic and amazing video game soundtrack +diverse multiplayer modes +interactive musical performance boss fight starring a pile of shit -gameplay can be raw and a chore at times -treats women like objects -graphics could have been ever better with Expansion Pak"

9/10 - VGScrapbook 64

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Also "I am the great mighty poo and I'm going to throw my censored at you"


To this day this is without a doubt the funniest game I've ever played. Some parts shouldn't be funny but you can't help but laugh. 9/10 for me only because the controls and what to do can be hard to figure out.


Ah, how I wish games like this were still made. If you really think about, it was such an absurd plot that spans over the period of one day. I mean, no saving princesses or worlds from destruction and peril, but simply finding your way home and meeting interesting characters along the way, being asked favours and doing absurdly simple and trivial tasks, which sometimes turn into very dangerous and over the top missions. And with such a bizarre, yet simple plot, mixed with a fitting setting and visual style, a whole new type of gameplay experience opens up.
Conker's Bad Fur Day is an interesting and very hilarious take on how various creatures, animals and everyday, real-life inanimate objects alike can become playful, show colourful personalities, communicate and interact in strange and whimsical ways with one another, only to keep the player entertained for hours on end, with very little to no down time or dull moments in my opinion.
I remember going to the rental store and seeing this game, thinking it was another innocent adventure game starring a squirrel ...boy was I surprised when I popped it into my N64 in my room that day haha I don't think they would've let me rent the game if I wasn't with my father there.

I'm hopeful these types of games will make a comeback someday. Also had a blast playing countless hours of multiplayer with my buddies. Thank you N64 for the more-than-two-player capability.


A little bit overrated in terms of actual gameplay imo because it was often just a series of collect-a-thons, mini-challenges and puzzles that you often interacted with via simple context sensitive actions, activated by pressing a single button, which when you think about it is kinda just as much fun as pressing a button to watch a cutscene. At least that was how it felt to me a lot of the time. It is however not overrated in terms of how it pushed the N64's graphics for the time or the quality of the music and sound which was just brilliant (despite some slightly dodgy/amateur voice acting at times). I just didn't think it was actually that much fun to play ultimately.


One of the best 3D platformers of all time. Nuff said. It also had amazing multiplayer. This game means a lot to me.


Well, I hate to be that guy, but this game doesn't deserve a 10. The gameplay has a degree of charm, with the characters and the movie references, but the gameplay is awful. Swimming and jumping never really seems particularly smooth, and a lot of the sections are either bland or broken.

The initial part of the game is great fun, as are the last couple of chapters are also really good, but it sags in the middle with some really annoying gameplay. The Rats Tower level is absolutely atrocious. There are exceptions (Lava Surfing!), but it is still mostly bad in the middle [gameplay wise].

Overall, an enjoyable experience, but playing this as an adult made me realise its flaws.


My siblings and I saw this in a store when it was contemporary, but my dad (rightfully) wouldn't buy it for us. We were too young. Now that I'm old enough, I'll likely never be able to play it (for a reasonable price).


Hahaha, Jazzer94 has the best review. I played this one when I was 22.

It makes me a little sad that they will never make a true sequel to this.


It's just too bad that you'll have to pay $100+ for a used cartridge.

But if you're willing to pay that much money for a video game, well, you'll be able to enjoy all of the censored and censored the game has to offer.


@SyntheticPerson I don't find ANY part of the gameplay to be bland or frustrating. It's all flowing perfectly well.


it was great when this came out i was a teen and it was hilarious


Too many hours spend on multi player mode man, oh god. GOOD THING I still have my catridge with me in perfect condition, I plan to play again tonight,My aim remains sharp like the old days!


Amazing game right here...oh miss those days...


@Megawatts - Thanks! I did Journalism studies at uni while back.... would consider writing for you guys if there was an opportunity


I played this one for the first time three years ago, I loved it. I think the only problem are some dated references, but the game is hilarious and it plays almost perfectly. Yeah. It's cliched to say this, but I miss the old Rare so much.


Forget Goldeneye, THIS was my friends' go to multi-player game!

Interesting note, Conker recently appeared on a list of franchises Microsoft (who owns these rights, via Rare) may be looking to revive. Killer Instinct did well, so they seem to be looking at the Rare catalog and may bring back Conker and Banjo.


The multiplayer in this game is fantastic. So many modes!

I still play this on my N64 whenever friends or family come to visit.

The Beach is probably the most popular, then the Dinosaur game.


@Klimbatize You're right. The multiplayer is so good and fun! I've already got Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64.


@KeeperBvK I'm jealous of you. I wish I liked it that much.

When I replayed it about a month ago, I was expecting it to be as fun as when I was a child. I was quite disappointed that I found some elements really frustrating, especially as the problems I have don't apply to the Banjo games or DK. I still enjoyed my time with it (hence the 8, but I can't ignore the problems I had with it).


Loved this game, it's like the video game equivalent of Family Guy or South Park. Shame that we haven't seen more of this kind of game.


I never bought it because of the vulgarity and cursing. But I probably just should have bought it for the gameplay, wich seems to be quit good.


Yeesh, this is not a 10, but definitely a hilarious and enjoyable game.


I own this on N64 cartridge. The most expensive game i ever bought besides collector's editions.


I can't think of a better note for a system as great as the N64 to go out on. This game went through development hell and came out a masterpiece. A solid platforming game coupled with a memorable story and unforgettable characters with witty and hilarious dialogue... it just doesn't get any better than this. Too bad it didn't come out earlier in the N64's lifecycle so more people could've enjoyed it. 10/10

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