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Buck Bumble

"Featuring the most annoying theme song to have ever graced the medium, Buck Bumble is an aerial combat game in which radioactive waste has transformed the insect world into a high-tech war zone. Playing as a gun-wielding bumblebee, the task of completing garden-based objectives is unusually appealing, yet a lack of polish -- despite being set in the quaint English countryside -- somewhat marrs the experience."

6/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Just recently purchased this having missed it upon initial release, and the areal combat is satisfying and still holds up well today. Some elements seem repetitive and progression lacks some guidance expected of similar games but it doesn't detract from a fun experience. It's different enough from other N64 platformers to be worthy of your consideration. The them song is.... terrible. Just terrible. Really."


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Man, I forgot about this game! It was decent fun, a neat idea for a game.


I remember renting this as a kid, it was terrible.


I used to read all the 64 mags back in the day,spend ages in stores looking at all the games and owned far more than I should have been able to afford but this 1 must have completely passed me by.I've never heard of it nor seen that box before in my life and I have no idea how or why


I love that theme song! The game was crap, but I have had the theme song saved on my computer for over 10 years now.


despite crappy controls sometimes (most times?), this game was actually really fun if given a chance and a rare gem in the very very sparse n64 library. also, the theme song is great and very catchy.


im in the states, but i used to buy total64 magazine cause for some reason my local grocery store carried it. then they stopped. really loved that magazine, still have half a dozen in a box. not sure why they gave buck bumble a 92 though lol.

havent been keeping up with this series of articles on the 64, but apparently its random games and not 64 best on the console? looking forward to seeing the final 64 games chosen. big fan of the n64 with a still working one in a box in a closet(not gathering dust, but to prevent it from collecting dust)


Oh man! I loved this game as a kid. It was hard and sometimes unwieldy, but I always loved the concept. This game is representative of 64 games to me. Just breaking into 3d gaming, there were a lot of crazy, off the wall games that emerged. I really miss those kinds of games.

On a side note, I felt this was a game that used the fog effect/limitations of the 64 very well. Set in a garden, the mist always reminded me of early morning. I mean it was annoying to an extent, but I always thought it was cool.


I do remember this one, never beat it. but liked it.


I enjoyed playing the multiplayer with my bro, lots of fun even though not much happened. The environment just felt well designed. The controls were pretty awful though Also this is one of the few theme songs I remember on the 64; I thought it was awesome!


I remember N64 Magazine describing games as having "a real Buck Bumble of a fog bank".


What does it say when it says 92% and 90%? The image is too blurry.


I have very fond memories of this game. Loved the single player adventure and the 2 player soccer/football was fun, too.


Well that's a game id forgotten about!! Rented this a few times and remember it being fun and interesting, although clunky and fog riddled! Memories =)


@Link506 it's just ratings from two different Nintendo 64 magazines.

I thought this game was pretty underrated! And say what you want about the theme, but I still remember it vividly 15 years later. My friends and I joke about it all the time.


I remember that I did rent it some years ago. It was not a bad game. Sure it was foggy and the controls where a bit strange, but it was a cool concept: Flying around gardens as a bumble bee, shooting insects. Nice music too. But a VERY hard game, and sadly a annoying password-system (just give me battery back-up). I only finished a couple of levels.

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