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"Few N64 games manage to come close to delivering the sheer amount of chaotic action that Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh delivers in droves. A Japanese exclusive, this 2D shoot ?em up majestically -- and intentionally -- puts both the player and the console through their paces; the hundreds of projectiles and enemies on screen at any one time is a spectacle that overloads the senses even today."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Another Treasure gem that I sadly never played in it's original Nintendo64 glory. Being a fan of mechs, I really wanted to play this game but it not went unreleased in the west, the production was limited to 10.000 units making it nearly impossible even today to get your hands on. I got my revenge year later with the DS sequel. Essential for collectors!"

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"A manic, stocking, in-your-face shooter that isn't afraid to come up to you and kick you squarely in the balls, repeatedly, until you are able to poke it in the eyes back and tell it to go away. Better than the Dreamcast version. Just a pity it was Japan only and such small print run (10,000 copies) otherwise it might have a bigger following."

9/10 - Mayhem 64

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Shame they never released this on VC, given Treasure's Japan-only 'Sin and Punishment' got the VC treatment... I wonder why?


The N64 version was never ported over because the Dreamcast version had a western publisher. Even in Japan, the cart was limited to just 10k carts.
The fact this is listed in this feature is ridiculous.
This was one of the top 50 Dreamcast titles and can barely be considered an N64 game at all.


Oh, it's that game that had only 10 000 copies. In Japan. I remember reading about this from the NGC-magazine.


@SahashraLA It's released on the N64 so it's a N64 game. And as long as it's one of the 64 best games on the N64, it belongs on the list. Saying anything else is ridiculous.

Oh, and wasn't the Dreamcast some obscure console that only fanbois remeber that made a once-great console-producer close down it's console-division? That would make the N64 version more important, no?


Talking of Treasure - didn't they say they were working on a new 3DS game a year or two ago? Any news on that anywhere?


14 Games left! That's gotta include both Zeldas, Banjo Tooie, Jet Force Gemini, DK64 and er Superman 64? shot

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