GameCube Cereal Bowl
Image: Nintendo Life / Fallon Michael, Pexels

Saying goodbye to an old console can be a difficult thing. One day, the device that brought you so much joy reaches a state beyond repair and you have to let it go. Or you could turn it into a cereal bowl. That's another perfectly good solution.

Before you start wondering, no, we didn't come up with this idea ourselves. It was brought to our attention by visual artist Evan Rolston on Instagram, who is still putting his old, broken GameCube to use every morning — just don't expect it to run Luigi's Mansion any time soon.

As showcased in the following post, Rolston's old 'Cube is now used as a cereal bowl, complete with a flip-top lid. It might not be the most elegant way of getting your daily Coco Pops fix and we can't imagine it's all that easy to slurp up the last bits of choccy milk, but it sure is a beauty — even if it does make us wince a little.

Rolston does note that the GC was both "old" and "broken", so no consoles were harmed in the making of this video.

We'd struggle to get excited over the 'fine china' at a swanky dinner party, but a soup course served in one of these bad boys would make us lose our minds.

And just think of the possibilities this opens up: a Game Boy Color hip flask, an N64 toastie maker, a Wiimote cutlery set. Never mind lay the table, let's play the table.

What do you make of this GameCube bowl? What other console/tableware mash-ups would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.