Espagulda II
Image: Live Wire

Live Wire has brought us a ton of excellent shmups on the Switch over the years, and four of them are currently heavily discounted on the eShop — thanks to Wario64 for sharing this!

On both the North American and European eShops, four titles that we've each scored an 8/10 or 9/10, are 50% off. That means they're only £7.59 / $9.99 until 26th June 2024.

Mushihimesama was developed by Cave and launched in 2021 on the Switch and, rather than taking place in space, blends deserts and forests to create a visual spectacle. Every single enemy is based on an insect, so you'll get some joy out of destroying these oversized bugs.

Next up is Espgaluda II, another Cave bullet hell shooter that pioneers an automatic rapid fire, which you can turn off if you want. Other than that, 'Kakusei', which allows you to slow down enemies, returns from the first game. Enemies also release another wave of shots when they're defeated, then more bullets are unleashed if those bullets are destroyed. It's a lot!

The third discounted title is DoDonPachi Resurrection, which takes place in Tokyo in 2008. This is the fifth game in Cave's DonPachi series and it adds three new ship styles — Bomb style, Power style, and Strong style. You can shoot bee medals to increase your score and the hyper gauge has been overhauled slightly.

The final game is probably the most well-known of the bunch — Treasure's Radiant Silvergun, which initially came out in Arcades and on the Sega Saturn. One of the most acclaimed shmups of all time, you build up your score by chaining kills of the same colour and is a complete visual spectacle.

So, if you have a passing interest in the shooter genre, or are simply missing these gems from your collection, now is the time to check these out.

Have you played any of these titles before? Let us know in the comments.