You probably thought we had emptied the well of Breath of the Wild secrets, didn't you? We did too. As it turns out, there were still features we didn't know about.

One such fact has recently been exposed by the YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented, which explained in a recent video that the Champion's Ballad's Blight battles actually get easier with repeated attempts. Who would have thought that Calamity Ganon would be so forgiving?

In the above video, we get a full breakdown of the dynamic difficulty at work. Upon repeatedly falling to the same enemy, the game will provide Link with a range of helpful items to make the next attempt a little less taxing.

After three attempts on a single Blight, Link will start his next run with a Fairy in his items for a quick revival. If he falls another three times (taking the total up to six), the game throws in a meal and elixir specific to the boss at hand to help navigate some of the tricker effects.

It's not a dynamic difficulty in the sense that the bosses get weaker, but it is a nice way of helping those who might be struggling to overcome one specific battle — where's the same setting for Dark Souls, eh?

And it turns out that it doesn't measure attempts on deaths only. As the Gaming Reinvented video shows, you can trigger the repeated-attempt bonuses simply by entering and exiting the battle the required number of times. There are easier ways to get each item, of course, but it's handy to know if you're ever really in need of a Fairy and can't be bothered to go on the hunt.

We'd imagine that this is one of the last 'new' discoveries for Breath of the Wild we'll see, but hey, we're always willing to be proved wrong by a seven-year-old game.

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