Masahiro Sakurai is back talking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on his YouTube channel (what do you know!). This time, the focus is on collision animations and how it's more of a collaborative effort than you might expect.

Those who have been paying attention to the legendary game designer's videos over the past two years will be no stranger to the importance of the Smash roster's silhouettes and in today's update, Sakurai lays out how this side-on image is even tied to the way the game feels when it comes to landing punches.

To keep things fun while playing, the Smash Ultimate animators and game designers worked hand-in-hand to find the sweet spot for attack collisions. Sakurai explains that this isn't just a case of lining up the point of impact and a reaction, but rather a process of give and take to find what looks and feels best. As Sakurai says:

To an extent, it's okay if the visuals and collision don't line up, assuming it makes the game more fun, but even if the animation's positioning is off, things will start to feel even more broken.

Watching the collision animation in action, it's interesting to see just how off things seem in slow motion. We're sure the gap is nothing new from those who have studied Smash Ultimate attack frames in the past to get the jump on their opponent, but we're always down to hear about the process from Mr. Smash Bros. himself.

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