Masahiro Sakurai is known for his keen eye for detail and staunch perfectionism, but his latest YouTube video demonstrates just how many revisions are required for even the smallest details.

The majority of the video focuses on one particular example of this. He discusses the Mishima Dojo stage from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, showcasing the initial design submitted by his team. He highlights that the destroyed wall on the left-hand side looked as though something had taken a huge bite out of it, and wasn't a good representation of how planks of wood would break.

From there, Sakurai goes through multiple revisions of the same wall, highlighting small but significant changes that make the effect seem more realistic and believable to the player. It's a fascinating glimpse into the sort of work that goes into game development, and we applaud the individuals who dedicate so much time to getting something absolutely spot on.

Toward the end of the video, Sakurai briefly demonstrates a few other changes from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including two shots of Cloud Strife that, at first glance, look identical, but when examined further reveal small but noticeable changes in lighting.

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