Okay, we're not sure how this one slipped through the net, but we've just caught wind of a rather interesting new eShop game called Master Key.

Released on 30th May 2024, it's a monochrome take on classic top-down Zelda gameplay in which you take on the role of a fox who discovers a mysterious key hidden in a cave. To find out what the key is for, you must embark on a quest that will take you across dangerous lands filled with enemies, items, shops, and more.

Clocking in at anywhere between five to ten hours, the game boasts strong approachability with no reading required and the freedom to explore the world as much or as little as you desire. We're also quite fond of the visuals here; it's almost like a cross between Gato Roboto and Zelda: Link's Awakening. We dig it!

Here's a look at the key features:

- Item based exploration
- Dozens of enemies
- Shops, weapons, and powerups
- Dungeons
- Between 5 and 10 hours of content
- Lots of secrets
- No language support!
- The game doesn't hold you by the hand, it's a love letter to hiking and exploration. You have to find your own path and nothing is story-gated.

Master Key is available now for £10.79 / $12.50.

What do you make of this one? Will you be adding it to your Switch library? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.