Last month, Bandai Namco unveiled a first look at That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ISEKAI Chronicles, an upcoming RPG based on the popular anime series. The game isn't set to come our way until 8th August, but to keep us going until then, the publisher has revealed the opening movie in all its animated glory.

If you were wondering how closely the game will stick to its anime source material, we'd wager that this opening movie will give you a hint. Fans of the anime will see more than a few familiar faces here, but the game promises new storylines and characters from author Fuse so there will still be a few surprises along the way.

For those who missed the initial announcement, ISEKAI Chronicles is a side-scrolling RPG where you will play as Rimuru Tempest. On one side of the game, you set out on adventures and build relationships to help develop the Jura Tempest Federation, on the other, you keep spirits high in town, crafting new buildings and communities to support you in battle.

You can find more information on the game's features and get a look at some screenshots below.

Action-Packed Battles With Exhilarating Combo Attacks
Players can enjoy thrilling action battles that combine flashy special moves and powerful combos. Through levelling up bonds with friends, Rimuru will learn Special Attacks, and even have allies join in to back up Rimiru’s attack. Finish off formidable enemies that are coming to destroy Tempest with Special Skills animated in retro 8-bit style!

Experience Stories From The Anime, As Well As All-New Adventures
Relive the original story from the encounter with the Kijin to the battle against the Kingdom of Falmuth! In addition, there are two brand new adventures from the original author for fans to enjoy!

Exciting City Building
As players progress through the story and meet new allies, their community will grow from a small village to a great nation. Build a wide variety of buildings to take advantage of the Tempest Resonance which strengthens residents as you create more structures in your village!

Looks like one for fans of the anime, for sure, but the new characters and storylines could provide a neat way into the universe for those who have been interested for a while. Be sure to keep an eye on the game's official website for more updates over the coming months.

What do you make of the new opening movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.