Last year, it was announced that animation studio Bobbypills would be adapting the hugely popular Metroidvania Dead Cells into an animated TV series.

After a rather lengthy wait, we now have our first proper trailer for the upcoming show, officially titled Dead Cells: Immortalis, and it looks, well, kinda cool! It's leaning into humour a lot more than we were expecting. Granted, we're not really sure what we were expecting, but given the game's ties to Castevania, we perhaps had the latter's Netflix adaptation in mind when picturing a potential Dead Cells show.

Still, given the fact that Bobbypills has worked closely with Motion Twin and Evil Empire in animating the official trailers fot the game, we can be confident that the team probably knows what it's doing with the TV series.

The 10-episode series will debut in France via the Animated Digital Network on 19th June, 2024. An English dub and worldwide release will follow later in the year, but for now, you can whack the captions on the above trailer and still get a feel for what the story will be about.

Meanwhile, Evil Empire recently confirmed that development on Dead Cells would cease, and the team is currently hard at work developing The Rogue Prince of Persia in collaboration with Ubisoft. Set for release via Early Access on 27th May, 2024, the game has yet to be confirmed for the Switch.

What do you make of the Dead Cells: Immortalis trailer? Will you be checking out the full series? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.