It's been a while since the previous Deltarune update, and now the creator Toby Fox (who is also known for Undertale) has sent out a "Spring 2024" newsletter, detailing the latest progress.

Following on from Chapter 3, the latest news is development on Chapter 4 is "going better than ever". He's hired "a few more people" to help out and the team is on track to meet its internal deadline:

Toby Fox: "Chapter 4 development is going better than ever. We are on track to meet our internal deadline. The new hires are already making a great difference to improve the atmosphere and feel of the chapter. I feel really good about this, champ."

In terms of what's left to do: there are some cutscenes to polish, the battles are "technically done" but the flow needs to be improved for boss battles, the overworld still needs "around 10 maps", and then there are the gimmicks (with one complicated one and all of its iterations nearly done).

Fox hopes at least some of the team will have moved on to Chapter 5 by the next email update. As for a release date, this can't be "discussed yet" but it could still be "quite far" off.

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