Earlier this month, mobile developer Zynga announced that Star Wars: Hunters would finally bring its free-to-play PVP action to Switch on 4th June.

This came after a long period of delays (the game was initially revealed in 2021, let's remember) but it looks like it really is full steam ahead this time as the developer has just released a new gameplay trailer showing some of the multiplayer modes in action.

In the above trailer, we get a look at three different multiplayer game modes — Squad Brawl, Trophy Chase and Power Control — and some of the characters that will be available at launch. The gameplay footage also highlights the character customisation options and briefly shows some battlegrounds from a galaxy far, far away.

The game was soft-launched on mobile in select regions a few years back, so the trailer's content might not be the newest of the new for some of you out there. But hey, at least we know when we'll be seeing it on Switch now.

What do you make of this new gameplay trailer? Will you be taking Star Wars: Hunters for a spin? Let us know in the comments.

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