KH 4
Image: Square Enix

Stick this one firmly inside the 'okay, we'll see' filing cabinet, folks. A reliable insider by the name of みどり (Midori) has stated on X that they have heard that the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4, along with the entire Kingdom Hearts series so far, might be heading to Nintendo's next hardware (a.k.a. the 'Switch 2').

Midori states "In February, someone sent me a message about Missing Link, KH4 and the Steam ports but I did not know the source at the time". The source also told them about the Kingdom Hearts series' Steam release, which had not been announced then but has since been confirmed.

Now, it's important to stress the word 'might' with this one, since this is how Midori has specifically phrased it in the post. Still, this is someone who has proven to be highly reliable in the past, particularly when it comes to information regarding the Persona franchise.

We'd like to think these would be native releases rather than the Cloud Versions currently available on Switch, but Midori hasn't shared any further info other than "KH4 has some small online features and looks very different from the first trailer". They also mention that its internal codename is 'Quattro'.

If that's not enough, they also reiterate that the heavily-rumoured remake of Final Fantasy IX was also confirmed to be real by their source. Now, usually this is something we here at Nintendo Life would brush off without a second thought, but given Square Enix's new multiplatform strategy, it's another game we wouldn't completely rule out for the Switch 2.

Of course, you really don't need us to tell you this, but for goodness sake, treat all rumours with a healthy dose of scepticism for the time being. It would be wonderful to see the new Kingdom Hearts game on Nintendo hardware, but let's keep our feet on the ground until official confirmation is made.

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