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Update [Mon 11th April, 2022 10:45 BST]: Tetsuya Nomura's completed artwork was shown off for the series' 20th Anniversary event, and to coincide with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4, the artwork itself features the new-look Sora from the upcoming title.

Should we have spotted this sooner? Perhaps. The section containing Sora from Kingdom Hearts 4 was very much out-of-sight in the sketch shared below, but Nomura was clearly teasing - however subtly - the advancement of the series through portraits of its main protagonist.

Hey, at least we know now!

Original Story [Mon 28th March, 2022 11:45 BST]

Kingdom Hearts is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary, with the first game having released back on March 28th, 2002 in Japan.

We've already seen a rather delightful mini-celebration in the form of a cheeky nod to the series in the latest Mickey Mouse cartoon, courtesy of storyboard revisionist Amber Vucinich. Now, it looks like preparations are on the way to celebrate the series properly. Well, sort of...

According to series creator Tetsuya Nomura (thanks, Google translate), preparations for the 20th Anniversary are "currently unsuccessful" - whatever that means - but he has shared a lovely looking sketch that he states will hopefully form a part of the celebration, and that he will be "thrilled if he can make it on time". It's likely that this will be in relation to a Kingdom Hearts Anniversary event taking place in Tokyo, Japan on April 10th.

Regardless of what all this means, exactly, the sketch itself is looking pretty hot, and it's making us wish we had even a modicum of the same creative talent!

Meanwhile, you can see what all the fuss is about with Kingdom Hearts thanks to the recent launch of Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece on Switch, though you may want to be extra cautious with this one; Square Enix's decision to release the games in Cloud form didn't go down too well in our review.

We'd love to know what you think of Nomura's artwork, and whether you've made some of your own you'd like to share! Say your piece in the comments below.

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