The 3DS outing Monster Hunter Stories makes a return next month and ahead of its release previews have now gone live.

In case you missed our previous coverage, this latest version will include "refined graphics", full English and Japanese voice acting, a new Museum Mode as well as some content that was only released in Japan.

Here on Nintendo Life, we've had the chance to go hands on with the new Switch version and we're pleased to say the gameplay holds up nicely:

So, what did other outlets think? Here's a round up, starting off with RPG Site – which seemed to enjoy the Switch version:

"Played on Nintendo Switch in Docked mode, while the graphics still pale in comparison to the sequel on the same platform - visual fidelity has seen a noticeable uplift, and being able to play the game while sitting back with a controller is a welcome option."

God Is A Geek said its time with the game was mighty fine, noting how much it appreciated the dialogue:

"The dialogue is now in full English as well as the weird hybrid Monster Hunter language that many of us are familiar with. It makes a huge difference to the storytelling and immersion."

Touch Arcade shared some brief impressions of the Switch version, but voiced some minor concerns about the frame rate in this version of the game:

"Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo Switch is an upgrade over the mobile version in some ways, but the frame rate right now isn’t stable throughout. It basically feels like it is running uncapped with a 60fps target, but it feels a lot better than Monster Hunter Stories 2 did on Switch. It looks excellent on the Switch’s OLED screen and when played docked. Load times are not bad either."

Siliconera experienced a newfound appreciation for the series thanks to the Switch release:

"Even after just returning to Monster Hunter Stories, the remaster is starting to make me appreciate this spin-off series even more. It really dared to do something different. Getting to check development art and re-experience it makes me appreciate what Capcom started."

And Game Rant is also quite happy with what it's sampled so far:

"Despite Monster Hunter Stories' age, the addition of remastered visuals and voices for each of the game's characters may be more than enough to pull in modern audiences, even those unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter franchise."

Will you be adding this game to your Switch library when it arrives on 14th June 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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