Hello Games is preparing to launch the third large No Man's Sky update of the year, 'Adrift'. While previous patches have all been about adding more, this one strips things back.

In 'Adrift,' the universe has been abandoned. There are no other lifeforms — say goodbye to shopping, trading and shortcuts — and only echoes of a long-gone civilisation remain. Oh, and we should also mention that Sandworm numbers have increased, so be careful when taking a stroll across desert planets.

The update adds a new Hauler ship, the Iron Vulture, to provide a little bit of safety on your travels, but apart from that, you're on your own. The full 'Adrift' update patch notes can be found on the No Man's Sky website.

It looks like an interesting take on the game's survival elements, one that takes the structure back to its roots and throws in a couple of creepy chills to keep things interesting. The update is set to blast off today, but bear in mind that previous patches have taken a little longer to land on Switch, so keep an eye out over the coming days.

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[source nomanssky.com]