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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo, 23rd May) - Experience the adventure that unfolds in the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door game! Make use of all the abilities that come with being cursed – er, conveniently made of paper – and help Mario collect the Crystal Stars before the nefarious X-Nauts do. Explore a colorful paper world with charming characters in every fold, twenty years after the original game on the Nintendo GameCube system. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is available today. - Read our Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door review

Paper Trail (Newfangled Games, $17.99) - Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home, set in a foldable, paper world. You play as Paige, a budding academic, leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. On the journey, you learn to fold the world, merging two sides to solve puzzles, explore new areas and uncover long-lost secrets. Paper Trail is available now. - Read our Paper Trail review

Duck Detective – The Secret Salami - Solving crime is no walk in the pond. Duck Detective – The Secret Salami is a cozy mystery game about a down-on-his-luck duck searching for answers in a sinister sausage-based conspiracy. Inspect and interview suspects to learn their hidden secrets, then use the information you’ve gathered (plus your own de-duck-tive reasoning) to locate the suspect and bust the case wide open! Duck Detective – The Secret Salami is available later today on Nintendo eShop.

Switch eShop - New Releases

50 Pinch Barrage!! (GameStudio, $4.49) - ・You're a treasure hunter who's crash-landed on a remote desert island. Can you overcome a relentless gauntlet of pinches and traps and safely escape the island…? ! ・The only controls used in the game are movement (D-Pad/L-Stick) and the A and B buttons! All kinds of terrain, traps, and enemies will stand in your way, but as the player, please do your best to figure out all the maneuvers and ways of getting out of each pinch!

Adventure Horror Bundle (Ratalaika Games, 28th May) - My Big Sister: Meet Luzia, a sarcastic twelve-year-old with a playful sense of humor. If you believe what she says, My Big Sister is an RPG-like adventure game that is not about her but about her sister Sombria. My Big Sister is a game about Luzia and Sombria, two sisters who are trying to get back home after being kidnapped by strangers and Luzia takes it upon herself to ensure they both make it home.

Airplane Delivery Simulator 2024: Realistic Geographical (SUCCESS GAMES, 26th May) - Embark on an airborne adventure and deliver parcels to their destinations in Airplane Delivery Simulator 2024: Realistic Geographical! Take control of an airplane and dive into a challenging journey to collect and deliver packages across the globe. Enjoy flexible gameplay and strategic navigation.

Blade Jumper (CFK, $4.24) - Blade Jumper is a 2D action platformer where players use a simple jump mechanic in order to climb the obstacle-filled tower. In 2045's Yeouido, in the heart of Seoul, the massive structure Kukuru Tower was constructed, overshadowing the rest of the city. In this unfathomably high tower, the selected 1% of Seoul residents live their happy lives, separated from the outside world. From their headquarters within Kukuru Tower, the authoritarian Unreality conglomerate dominates Seoul with pleasurable feelings, using its highly addictive Kukuru Candies. The vigilante group Ground Z, preparing for the final battle to overthrow Unreality's hold, comes looking for you, their former infamous agent. Are you ready to climb the mysterious Kukuru Tower?

Bread & Fred (Apogee Entertainment, $14.99) - Bread & Fred is a challenging co-op platformer from Apogee where two players must cooperate to jump and climb to the top of a snowy mountain. Play as both Bread and Fred in their exasperating and sometimes maddening climb that requires precision with every jump. Each time you land you’ll be closer to the peak and one step closer to mastering the platforming, but your fall down the mountain will be even farther.

C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield (ACQUIRE, $39.99) - Fresh Gameplay: combining roguelike-style deckbuilding with SRPGs for a brand-new experience. Cards: over 50 varieties, all with unique designs. Search Through the Mist: Clear away the mist on the map to discover enemies, facilities, and equipment and form a battle plan. Battle system: combines SRPG turn-based battles with card battles. A refreshing new game system that combines roguelike-style deckbuilding with SRPGs. Witness the unique tactical gameplay offered by SRPGs with a roguelike twist!

Cat Warrior (Sadi Makes Games, 23rd May, $3.99) - Cat Warroir is an action-platformer of retro and cute style about a cat knight on his way to recapture his stolen treasure. Deep into the exciting and dangerous fantasy world, defeat the challenging big boss with your slash, dash, jump, walljump and other skills to find the treasure back!

Chocolate Factory Tycoon (SimulaMaker, 23rd May) - Indulge in the sweet thrill of becoming a Chocolate Tycoon! Dive into a delectable adventure where you take charge of your very own chocolate empire. From cocoa bean to mouthwatering confections, every step of the journey is in your hands. Embark on this deliciously addictive journey, starting from scratch as you build your chocolate empire from the ground up. Craft delectable treats, manage production, and expand your reach to satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers around the world.

Claws & Feathers 3 (ESD Digital Games, 24th May, $5.99) - The birds and cats are back in an all-new puzzle adventure that sends them soaring across the galaxy in search of a new home! When a zombie apocalypse ravages their home planet, the birds set off for the stars. But they're not alone. Their eternal rivals, the cats, snuck on board and will do everything they can to make the journey an unpleasant one! Who will prevail?

Coffee Simulator Tycoon (SimulaMaker) - Are you ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of coffee shop management and organic farming? Look no further than Coffee Simulator Tycoon! Take on the challenge of managing an entire coffee shop chain while also overseeing the cultivation of your own natural goods in the orchard. In this thrilling idle game, you'll be in charge of every aspect of your coffee empire, from sourcing the finest ingredients to satisfying the tastes of your discerning customers. Upgrade your coffee machines, expand your menu with delicious desserts baked in your very own bakery ovens, or whip up refreshing smoothies with your new smoothie makers.

Conjured Through Death (CGI LAB, $14.99) - Step into the captivating world of Conjured Through Death, where the boundaries between heroism and villainy blur, and redemption beckons amidst the shadows. In this gripping narrative adventure, embark on an epic odyssey as the protagonist grapples with his own transformation and the forces that seek to control the kingdom.

Construction Simulator 4 (astragon Entertainment, 28th May, $34.99) - Construction Simulator returns with a map inspired by the Canadian landscape. Explore three large areas within a map never before seen in the Construction Simulator series! Experience an extensive campaign unique to the individual locations, featuring special challenges you must overcome with your growing construction empire.

Crazy Stunt Driver: Extreme Racing Simulator (Megame, 23rd May) - Extreme side-scrolling racing game in which you have to challenge many dangerous tracks with different difficulty. You can rotate the car in the air, performing various stunts and reducing the race time. But do not overdo it, because if you turn the car over you will lose the race! This is a test. If you read any of this, please head down to the comments and write 'I'm drowning in eShop drivel. Please send help!' Thank you. Coins are awarded for winning races, which you can spend on buying faster and more powerful cars. And boosters on the track can help you get through the race faster by giving you extra speed or by helping you jump over some obstacles. The better the result of the race, the more stars and coins for the level you get! Test your skills in crazy racing and become the best extreme racer!

Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling (Reef Entertainment, 28th May) - The sweet and spicy romance of a former goddess continues in the follow-up to the acclaimed otome visual novel, Cupid Parasite. While working for Cupid Corporation, Cupid, the goddess of love, strived to become the top bridal advisor. In her most daunting assignment, the Parasite 5, Cupid (known as Lynette Mirror on Earth) was able to overcome unexpected obstacles, but not before falling in love with one of her clients! Now, a new chapter commences. Can the newfound couple survive unforeseen challenges?

Dish Puzzle (Asylum Square Interactive, 26th May) - Welcome to the wonderful world of food with 'Dish Puzzle'! This playful and educational experience provides the perfect platform for preschoolers and children to not only sharpen their minds, but also have fun. With 30 lovingly designed scenes, your child can solve exciting puzzles and discover new foods at the same time.

Doug’s Nightmare (eastasiasoft, 22nd May, $5.99) - What is a banana to do when he’s haunted by anxiety and inner demons? Doug’s Nightmare is a cartoony, hand-drawn bullet hell where your job is to help Doug the banana overcome his worst fears by pounding them into oblivion! Part top-down twin-stick shooter and part beat ’em up, Doug’s Nightmare pits you against swarms of bugs, mushrooms, floating brains and more!

EGGCONSOLE Shin Maou Golvellius MSX2 (D4 Enterprise, 23rd May) - Released in 1988 by COMPILE for the MSX2 in Japan, this action RPG is an enhanced version of "Golvellius" which was released for the MSX the previous year. In this game, players take on the role of the knight Kelesis, who embarks on an adventure to rescue Princess Rena in the Valley of Monsters while searching for his sister. This game is known for its brisk action and features changing stages depending on the game scene. Players can enjoy an adventurous and combative experience in "field screen" mode, which allows free movement in eight directions, progress through "side-scrolling screens" by utilizing attacks and jumps, and advance upward in "vertical scrolling screens" reminiscent of shooting or racing games, providing an exciting gameplay experience.

Eternal Threads (Secret Mode, 23rd May) - As an operative tasked with fixing corruption in the timestream, you have been sent to the North of England in May 2015, where six people died in a house fire. Prohibited from simply stopping the fire, you must instead manipulate the choices made by the housemates in the week leading up to it so that they all survive the event. From the outset, you have free and complete reign to explore the seven day timeline before the fire.

Evidence Destroyer (MASK, 23rd May) - Step into the crime scene not as a detective, but as an 'Evidence Destroyer'! Your mission is to find and remove traces of crime left by the culprit, ensuring the crime remains unsolved. ・A dying message left by a female student ・The poison that killed a man in the cafeteria ・Unnecessary items meant to make a murder look like an accident Remove such overlooked evidence from the scene and plunge the case into oblivion! The game supports both button controls and touch controls, allowing you to play in TV mode, handheld mode, or tabletop mode. ※This game is designed to be played on the Nintendo Switch in vertical orientation.

Hauntii (Firestoke, 23rd May) - Play as Hauntii, a naive but brave ghost on a relentless quest for answers. A mysterious race of glowing creatures, known as Eternians, guides lost souls to an ominous central tower where they appear to ascend to a higher plane. They look like angels, but no one really knows who they are, nor where they came from. Unleash ghostly powers to possess both inhabitants and environment, unveiling various solutions to combat and puzzle challenges. Unravel the mysteries of Eternity and shape your fate in a mesmerising adventure like no other!

Helicopter Battle Arena Simulator (GOGAME CONSOLE PUBLISHER, 24th May, $11.99) - Engage in the ultimate aerial showdown in 'Helicopter Battle Arena Simulator'. Take control of a realistic helicopter and enter the adrenaline-fueled arena where intense 5v5 matches await. Did you go to the comments yet? Please make it stop. Navigate the skies with precision as you face off against enemy aircraft in heart-pounding dogfights. With three dynamic locations to choose from, each offering its own strategic advantages and challenges, the stage is set for epic battles to unfold.

Highlaundry Overwashed – Play with your friends! (404 Games, 24th May, $7.99) - Highlaundry is an intense cooperative laundry game for up to four players. Join your friends to wash and dry as many clothes as you can before time runs out. Each level, a new element plays against you! Don't lose the track of time! Wash and Dry, don't mix up colors, use the proper products, the customer choose!

I am Titan (Entity3, 25th May) - Become a Titan as you grow taller and taller taking down the city Smash buildings apart and send debris flying Upgrade your Titans abilities and become as powerful as possible Destroy the cities, be the Titan!

My Universe Discovery Collection 2 (Microids, $55.99) - Discover the My Universe range of games with this 4 game bundle including : My Universe - Puppies & Kittens, My Universe - Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs, My Universe - My Baby Dragon, My Universe - Green Adventure : Farmers Friends

NecroBouncer (Ravenage Games, 24th May) - Grab your magic staff and step into the shoes of a necromancer working as a bouncer at a nightclub. Selflessly crawl the dungeon club and face scores of inebriated monstrosities ready to welcome your back after your holiday break. It's time to get to work! Rip through the crowd and bust up some bosses. Consume powers hidden in gemstones to improve and upgrade your bouncing skills. Stir them together in various ways and discover powerful new mixes to demolish the drunks of the dungeon.

Ninja Shadow Quest (SimulaMaker, 25th May) - Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the ancient world of martial arts mastery in "Ninja Shadow Quest," a thrilling 2D platformer that puts players in the swift and stealthy shoes of a legendary ninja. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, it's up to you to harness your skills, face off against formidable foes, and emerge victorious to restore peace.

One More Gate : A Wakfu Legend Complete Edition (Julien Drouard, $24.99) - One More Gate is a rogue-lite deck-builder that combines exploration and turn-based strategic combat. Head out to discover fantastic places, master the power of Wakfu to create destructive card combos, and defeat all those who would stand in your way!

Paper Dash – Invasion of Greed (EpiXR, 23rd May, $9.99) - Embark on an relaxing adventure as you take on the role of a courageous paper plane hunting down evil ghosts that haunt vibrant worlds across dimensions. Soar through captivating landscapes, from mystical forests to scary mansions, in search of these malevolent spirits. Utilize your flying skills and shoot all the ghosts, restore peace, and bring harmony to the realms in this visually stunning game. This game is an interactive game experience that is designed to ease your mind and have fun finding and shooting little ghosts.

Pine Hearts (Hyper Luminal, 23rd May, $19.99) - Welcome to Pine Hearts Caravan Park! As Tyke, hop into your hiking boots and explore the paths and rivers of this cosy little world. Rummage around the park and find handy tools that will help you on your journey as you fill out your trusty hillwalking journal. Rediscover memories of Tyke's time in the park many summers ago and unearth the heartfelt story of his childhood.

Restaurant Tycoon Simulator (SimulaMaker, 24th May) - Welcome to Restaurant Tycoon Simulator, where you're the mastermind behind a bustling culinary empire! Take on the role of a savvy restaurant owner and embark on a thrilling journey to create the ultimate dining experience. In this engaging simulation game, you'll dive into the vibrant world of restaurant management, where every decision counts. From designing your restaurant's layout to crafting mouthwatering menus, you'll have full control over every aspect of your establishment. But success doesn't come easy!

Scarlet Tower (Pyxeralia, $4.99) - Hunt during the day, be hunted during the Night! Scarlet Tower is a gothic horror casual game with roguelike and RPG elements, like talent trees, classes, familiars and more!

SlidePuzzle (Success, 23rd May) - The puzzle consists of grabbing blocks, sliding them sideways, and dropping them into a line. Three difficulty levels are available: EASY mode, which allows you to think carefully, NORMAL mode, in which blocks keep increasing in time, and HARD mode, in which there are no items to help you. Ranking board is available. Ranking for each difficulty level is available.

Soul Link (indienova, $5.39) - Soul Link is a challenging puzzle game where you use your intelligence to build bridges with falling pieces of various shapes. Reconnect this broken land with Soul Bridges, and make the world whole again!

Summer and Winter Sports Games Bundle (Joindots, 23rd May) - Summer and Winter Sports Games Bundle!

Sunland Town (Ultimate Games, $3.99) - Explore a captivating world as you search for hidden items, unlock secrets, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this unique town! Day or Night: Explore the cozy town in either full daylight or during a mystical night Hidden Treasures: Find scattered items and reveal the town's secrets Immersive Soundscapes: Experience ambient sounds that deepen your connection to the world Relaxing Gameplay: Unwind and reflect, escaping the chaos of daily life

Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight (Gamuzumi, 24th May) - Our heroine protagonist takes up a new job as a guard and discovers the start of a series of murders, all with one thing in common: they occur after midnight. Who is behind them? What do they have to do with our young guard? Will she too become a victim of the mysterious assassin? In this dark / gothic visual novel with multiple endings, your choices matter and will determine who stays alive and who dies. Discovering the whole truth about the murders may require multiple playthroughs.

The Glass Staircase (Puppet Combo, 24th May) - It's been a long time since you've seen your parents, hasn't it? Not to worry, girls. Just listen to the voice on the intercom. Do what they say. They've provided you a home. They've provided you food. They will make you into good girls. This old house has never treated you wrong, now has it? Now be good girls, all of you. The Master will need you to be strong during these troubling times.

The Magic and Murder Bundle (Neon Doctrine, $21.59) - Investigate the case of the missing magician, or summon a demonic harem of murderous mistresses in Neon Doctrine’s Magic and Murder Bundle! Featuring our detective adventure game Death Trick: Double Blind and our succubi management simulator My Lovely Wife, experience gorgeous art and heinous murder alike.

The Quintessential Quintuplets – Five Memories Spent With You (Spike Chunsoft 23rd May, $34.99) - Ichika Nakano, Nino Nakano, Miku Nakano, Yotsuba Nakano, and Itsuki Nakano are going on a graduation trip to Okinawa with protagonist Futaro Uesugi (VA: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and his younger sister Raiha (VA: Natsumi Takamori). In preparation for a long-distance relationship after graduation, Futaro wants to restate his feelings to the girl he confessed to. His goal is to kiss her during a graduation trip. What will become of their love?

The Quintessential Quintuplets – Memories of a Quintessential Summer (Spike Chunsoft 23rd May, $34.99) - It's summer vacation! Futaro (VA: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and his younger sister Raiha (VA: Natsumi Takamori) have been invited to the quintuplets' private island. But a sudden storm turns what was supposed to be a three-day, two-night vacation into two weeks of survival! What fate awaits in this edge-of-your-seat island adventure with the quintuplets?

Tip Top Table Tennis (Excalibur, 24th May) - Tip Top Table Tennis is a realistic table tennis experience with 4 exciting game modes for the whole family!

TP Bullet (Ratalaika Games, 23rd May) - TP Bullet is a puzzle platform game where you need to shoot your one shot to solve each puzzle and clear the level. As a secret agent marksman, you are the only hope against the evil Skeleton King and his minions who attack the city. A kindly witch gives you an enchanted bullet which allows you to teleport so you can retrieve the ancient magic coins to defeat the villains. Jump, shoot, and block your way to victory over 40 amazing and addictive levels.

Treasure Guardian: Collector Shift Defender’s Saga - Embark on an exhilarating journey as a seasoned collector in "Treasure Guardian: Collector Shift Defender's Saga." Your mission is clear: safeguard valuable treasures and funds from the clutches of cunning thieves across diverse and perilous locations. As a skilled collector, you'll engage in strategic shifts, traversing through various settings to gather funds while fending off relentless thieves. Also, more words. Please, this is making us sad. Your expertise will be put to the test as you navigate through increasingly challenging shifts, each presenting unique obstacles and escalating levels of danger.

Truck Simulator City Delivery (SC Ovilex Soft, $2.99) - Truck Simulator City Delivery invites you to immerse yourself in a lifelike driving experience as you navigate through stunning cities. This simulator boasts an array of diesel truck brands, each featuring authentic engine sounds and intricately designed interiors. For a modern twist, you can also take the wheel of Electric Trucks!

Ultra Foodmess 2 (Silesia Games, 23rd May) - Grab your controller, and if you want, bring up to 3 of your friends – you’re going on a tasty, chaotic, and fun trip around the world! Everyone’s favorite foods are back in an even more epic competition - now with an extra spicy DASH ability to shake things up! Shoot donuts at your foes in Hollywood, play Foodball in Brazil, avoid soy sauce beams in Japan… and more, in 10 wacky game modes! Good luck… And have fun!

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (Digital Eclipse, $39.99) - Digital Eclipse's Wizardry revival preserves the appeal of the classic, with many upgrades for modern role-playing game fans. This is actually a really good game, so please, go ahead and - Read our Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord review

You adorable! Elfin Clay 2 (unComany games, 23rd May, $0.00) - This is a microcosm of the super relaxed baby talk for those of you who can't grow up enough to be an adult. That is Elfin Clay. We want to heal the many "adults who are tired of being adults. ...... The "toddler regression toy game" developed with this in mind has been further powered up!!!! And it's now free to play!

What will you be downloading this week? (150 votes)

  1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door38%
  2. Paper Trail10%
  3. 50 Pinch Barrage!!  0%
  4. Adventure Horror Bundle  0%
  5. Airplane Delivery Simulator 2024: Realistic Geographical  0%
  6. Blade Jumper  0%
  7. Bread & Fred1%
  8. C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield3%
  9. Cat Warrior  0%
  10. Chocolate Factory Tycoon2%
  11. Claws & Feathers 3  0%
  12. Coffee Simulator Tycoon1%
  13. Conjured Through Death  0%
  14. Construction Simulator 4  0%
  15. Crazy Stunt Driver: Extreme Racing Simulator  0.7%
  16. Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling  0%
  17. Dish Puzzle  0%
  18. Doug's Nightmare  0%
  19. EGGCONSOLE Shin Maou Golvellius Msx21%
  20. Eternal Threads  0.7%
  21. Evidence Destroyer  0%
  22. Hauntii1%
  23. Helicopter Battle Arena Simulator  0.7%
  24. Highlaundry Overwashed - Play with your friends!  0.7%
  25. I am Titan  0%
  26. My Universe Discovery Collection 2  0%
  27. NecroBouncer  0%
  28. Ninja Shadow Quest  0.7%
  29. One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend Complete Edition  0.7%
  30. Paper Dash - Invasion of Greed  0%
  31. Pine Hearts  0.7%
  32. Restaurant Tycoon Simulator  0%
  33. Scarlet Tower2%
  34. SlidePuzzle  0.7%
  35. Soul Link  0%
  36. Summer and Winter Sports Games Bundle  0%
  37. Sunland Town  0%
  38. Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight  0%
  39. The Glass Staircase  0%
  40. The Magic and Murder Bundle  0%
  41. The Quintessential Quintuplets - Five Memories Spent With You  0%
  42. The Quintessential Quintuplets - Memories of a Quintessential Summer  0%
  43. Tip Top Table Tennis1%
  44. TP Bullet  0%
  45. Treasure Guardian: Collector Shift Defender's Saga  0%
  46. Truck Simulator City Delivery  0%
  47. Ultra Foodmess 2  0%
  48. Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord15%
  49. Nothing for me this week18%

Oof, we got through it in the end. So that's your lot for this week's North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks.