If you're someone who happens to love playing the Switch in handheld mode but just can't get to grips (ahah) with the standard joy-con controllers, then you've probably flirted with a few add-on grips, decks, or even completely different controllers altogether.

One company that's been churning out a few grips is Satisfye, and it's just come out with a rather lovely new product called the ZenGrip Ronin; specifically, the 'Mythic Edition' which absolutely, definitely is not based on Tears of the Kingdom.

Anyway, what you might have noticed with many grips recently is that the ruddy things don't actually let you dock your Switch while you've got them attached. Ohoo, not anymore. The ZenGrip Ronin is designed to allow your Switch to dock comfortably since there are no bits of plastic getting in the way of the dock and the Switch itself.

Now, yours truly hasn't tested it out, but our lovely video producer Alex most certainly has! And you know what? He likes it. Quite a lot, actually. So much so that he hasn't taken the Ronin grip off the Switch since getting it. Boom.

Check out the video if you're interested in finding out more.

What do you make of the SenGrip Ronin? Have you tried any of Satisfye's other grip products? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.