1-2-Switch Flashmob Frenzy
Image: Nintendo Life

Yes, it was just a little April Fools' gag. Carry on!

Well, this is an odd one to kick off an Easter Monday morning.

With internal developer resources having shifted almost 100% to the upcoming (yet still unannounced) 'Switch 2', Nintendo's flagship game for the 2024 Holiday period will see a return to a less-than-fan-favourite party game series for a first-second-third outing.

1-2-Switch: Flashmob Frenzy is the name of 1-2-Switch's second sequel, according to Nintendo Life sources familiar with Nintendo's upcoming software announcements. Coming after 2023's long-rumoured follow-up, Everybody 1-2-Switch, this new game will apparently tap into the hip new craze that took the world by storm a mere two decades ago.

According to our source, corroborated with another within Nintendo itself, Flashmob Frenzy is an evolution of the 2-100-player gameplay of the Everybody entry, but this time focused on facilitating spontaneous dance-based performances in public areas. The game will be download-only and "budget" priced but will require a Power-Up Band — a peripheral you can purchase and wear on your wrist to enable various interactive experiences at its Nintendo World parks — to function properly.

Image: Nintendo

It's unclear at present exactly how the Power-Up Bands interact with the software. They will be available to purchase directly from Nintendo's website and at big retailers, bundled with codes for the game. Any bands park visitors have purchased will also function, although players will have to download a purpose-built app, register a serial number, and use an NFC-enabled smartphone to flash the park-bought band with new firmware.

Details are thin on the ground regarding gameplay specifics, with the official reveal currently planned for September. Celebrity endorsements and ad spots are also in the works. "Nobody's signed on just yet," our source says, "but the shortlist of potentials includes Usher, Bruno Tonioli, Ashley Banjo, Dame Darcey Bussell, Fred Astaire Jr. III, and Lisa from Steps."

The first instalment in the 1-2- series was a Switch launch title in 2017 and sold well enough to warrant a sequel, which was reportedly stuck in developmental purgatory thanks to poor internal feedback, yet it snuck out in the shadow of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in June last year.

What is Nintendo up to? Sounds foolish to us. Let us know below if you're up for what Nintendo's throwing down in Holiday 2024.