The DS and the 3DS both had incredible libraries of games, we all know this, but sometimes it's kind of nice to just see a whole bunch of them laid out nicely so we can gaze at them in wonder.

Thankfully, Kit and Kryta, former Nintendo employees and current, uh... Kit and Krysta hosts, have taken the time to show off their DS and 3DS collections, accumulated both in private and during their time at Nintendo.

Many of the games were provided as part of their work on the release campaigns, and as such there are a few that have been signed and remain sealed. So in short, if they ever find themselves in need of a few extra pennies, some of these titles are going to be worth quite a bit.

It's worth watching just to appreciate how vast the respective catalogues really were for the DS and 3DS, but the 3DS video in particular contains a rather amusing moment in which Krysta hurls a copy of Paper Mario: Sticker Star off-screen in disgust (24:30). Was it really that bad..?

Don't answer that.

What's your favourite 3DS games? How about DS? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts on Kit and Krysta's impressive collection.