Following local classifications for Hatsune Miku's Fitness Boxing game, Imagineer has now announced the Japanese release will be adding an "Editor Mode" in a new DLC update next week.

This DLC will go live on 25th April 2024 and is priced at 990 yen (around $6). This new mode will allow players to create exercise workouts featuring the famous virtual idol. This includes customising existing workouts already in the game.

There will also be an option to share your own courses with other players online. The DLC for Fitness Boxing feat Hatsune Miku will be followed by more paid content which includes new exercise music and costumes. A free patch is also on the way adding a new song, costume and 12 illustrations.

If we hear any updates about a local release of Fitness Boxing feat Hatsune Miku for Switch, we'll let you know.