Jack Bros. - BAB
Image: Nintendo Life

Hi there folks, and welcome back to another edition of Box Art Brawl!

Before we get cracking with this week's clash, let's find out how things panned out last time, eh? We looked at Rayman Advance for the, uh, Game Boy Advance (if that wasn't already obvious), pitting North America against Europe in a classic duel.

The European design took home the victory with 61% of the vote, so everybody clap and cheer... Clap and cheer! Thank you.

Okay, so this week we're going to check out Jack Bros. for the Virtual Boy. Quite easily one of the rarest games out there these days, Jack Bros. was the first Western release for the Shin Megami Tensei series from Atlus (though this was more of a spin-off than anything else). It received mixed reception upon release, with more contemporary analyses concluding it to be actually rather good. That said, it's definitely a game that's largely been lost to time.

There's no European release for this one, so it's another duel this week between North America and Japan.

Ready..? FIGHT.

Be sure to cast your votes in the poll below; but first, let's check out the box art designs themselves.

North America

Jack Bros. - NA
Image: Atlus

It's safe to say that the North American design here is slightly more, shall we say, gritty than the Japanese release. It could almost pass for a horror game or some sort of spin-off from Castlevania with the horrific monsters on display. It looks super cool and we miss when game covers went this hard.


Jack Bros. - JP
Image: Atlus

Japan's design, as we alluded to before, is a bit cuter and child-friendly than its Western counterpart. It's still cool, mind - the character designs are arguably more accessible, and we always love a bit of Japanese script to accompany the main game logo.

Which region got the best Jack Bros. box art? (1,451 votes)

  1. North America
    North America56%
  2. Japan

Thanks for voting! We'll see you next time for another round of the Box Art Brawl.